Our Love Story

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Met ~ February 2000Started Dating and Fell in Love ~ March 2000Eddie graduated from college ~ May 2001Eddie proposed...She said "Yes!" ~ February 14, 2002Sherry graduated from college ~ May 2003They said "I do!" ~ June 21, 2003They bought a house. ~ June 21, 2005They found out they were expecting. ~ July, 2006Evan was born. ~ March 27, 2007They moved to Charlotte. ~ Summer 2007Sherry started law school. ~ August, 2009They found out they were expecting again. ~ August, 2010Brody was born. ~ April 29, 2011They found out they were expecting again. ~ November, 2012Sherry graduated from law school. ~ May 11, 2013Celebrating 10 Years together! ~ June 21, 2013Our beautiful Angel Mattie joined our family to live in heaven. ~ June 30, 2013They found out they were expecting a rainbow! ~ July, 2014Mattox was born. ~ March 3, 2015.They found out they were expecting another rainbow! ~ May, 2016Grayson was born.  ~ December 1, 2016Married for 15 Years! ~ June 21, 2018They found out they were expecting again! ~ June 30, 2018 (on big sister's birthday)
Maggie is born! ~ January 14, 2019
The best is yet to come!

Who doesn't love a good love story?  I know I do!  Here is a list of blog posts about our love story and the birth of our family!

Our Beginning - how we met, fell in love, and got engaged!

Our Wedding - a lovely June day in 2003!

Our Honeymoon in Maui, Hawaii - A dream come true!

Our Early Years - where we settled after marriage and how we spent the first years of our life together!

Our First Home - purchasing our first home together was definitely an experience!

Starting A Family - Finding out we were pregnant for the first time!

Moving to Charlotte - A much desired and long awaited transfer and relocation!

Sherry Begins Law School - For better or worse, an important decision and step for our family!

7 Year Mile Marker - Our 7th Anniversary and a look back!

8 Year Mile Marker - Our 8th Anniversary when daddy was absent!

9 Year Mile Marker - Our 9th Anniversary

10 Year Mile Marker - Our 10th Anniversary

Our 11 Year Anniversary

Our 12 Year Anniversary 

Our 15 Year Anniversary 


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