Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Back to School 2018 {6th and 2nd Grades}

Although technically it was still summer, the big boys had to pack up and head back to school in August.  They were both pretty excited about another school year.  Evan was heading into the 6th grade and his first year of middle school, and Brody was beginning second grade.  I can't believe we already have a middle schooler and seeing Brody progress so much in his reading and writing abilities has really been amazing.  I guess it is just us as parents who will always see our children as babies.  We did all the usual back to school prep and shopping to be ready for the first day.  For elementary age kids these days, they really take a lot of the fun out of shopping for school supplies since they want very specific items that the teacher will compile and divide up with the whole class.  There is no need to buy special pencils, folders, etc. when you don't even know that your child will end up with them.  Sigh.  We did go the easy route with Brody this year and just ordered his supplies through the school.  Evan does get to pick his own supplies now, but he really did not need much.  At least we don't need to buy hand sanitizer, tissues and all those miscellaneous supplies anymore that are requested in elementary school.  Haha!  Here are the customary back to school pictures:

Our first middle schooler!  Evan wanted all Underarmor gear this year since that is the popular brand for boys these days.  
A little comparison of all of Evan's previous first day of school pictures.  I can't believe we completed elementary school!
We went to tour the school and find his classes a few weeks before since we wouldn't be able to walk him into school on the first day.  He was really excited about trying band.  

We were just hanging out in the halls, and Brody didn't want to be seen with us so he pouted in the corner.  Haha! 
Brody's silly faces on the first day of school. 

Super excited for 2nd grade. 

He's ready for another year of school. 
Just a peek at how much he has changed since he started school in 2016. 

Brody enjoyed finding his classroom on meet the teacher night.  

Walking the red "carpet" on the first day. 

We did get a few more pictures on the first day of Brody since we could still walk with him. 

The school has a different theme every year, and this year's was all about "Wonder" with quotes from the book painted on the walls. 

Brody found his desk and started his word search right away. 

This year, we should have a third child venturing off to school.  Since Mattie turned 5 in June, I have been sad that she wouldn't be here to start kindergarten.  I wonder what she would have looked like, what she would have worn, what kind of bookbag she would have wanted, and how excited she would have been.  We still miss all of those milestones we should be celebrating with our beautiful baby girl.  We love you, Mattie! 

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Jolly July {2018} ~ Part II

The second half of our July was spent finishing up most of our summer break with more family fun, a visit to the doctor, and a fun family outing to the bowling alley.

All of the boys love the coke machine.  Ha!  Grayson likes wearing big brother's shoes. He has lots of big shoes to fill. 

Grayson can climb up into the playplace all by himself now.  More to love about Chick-fil-a. 

I did another painting class with my church ladies and loved making this wood art with oil based paint.  Oil paint is not as easy to paint with.  Yes, that is Evan riding in his little brother's car.  Sigh. 

My sweet boys playing together outside.  Well, all except one.  Brody was probably inside playing video games.  Sigh. 

These boys like this little corner of my bedroom. 

Hanging out in the waiting room at Mattox's ENT office. Grayson enjoys this little table and chairs just his size. 

There aren't a lot of toys so he contents himself with arranging these little chairs. 

Brody and Mattox were not so easily entertained. 

But they all liked the doctor's cool chair. 

And the doctor's really awesome dog, a Wheaten terrier named Vegas. He helps calm the younger patients sitting with them in the chair.  Mattox loves him! 

Yay for ice cream cones! 

Lunch at one of Evan's favorites...Buffalo Wild Wings.  He loves hot wings.  The younger boys love the yummy mac and cheese. 

And a fun family outing to the bowling alley.  

Grayson was throwing a little fit when he couldn't have a ball and had to wait his turn so Daddy pretended to step on him. 

Mattox and Grayson loved using the dinosaur ball helper. 

Bowling is so fun for these boys and their daddy. 

Even Grayson got a turn. 

Daddy and Evan bowl like professionals. 

Brody wanted to bowl like a big kid too.  

Big brothers want to help Mattox. 

Mostly, Mommy watched, kept Grayson safe, and took the pictures. 

High fives and fist bumps from Daddy. 

The little boys took a break to play on the dinosaur.  It made a cool slide. 

Go Brody! 

Back to bowling. 

They liked to help push their dinosaur back in position. 

Grayson looked so cute enjoying his lunch at home, and the pirate and cowboy returned one more time.  Mattox was sitting on his pirate ship toy.  Ha! 

And a few fun memes for the month.  Apparently, I belong in Iceland because I am hard to get to know.  Haha!  I am an introvert after all.  Yep, that is the only yacht I will ever own.  I thought of my friend Natalie when I saw the Old Navy flag shirt one.  Haha! 


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