Thursday, July 5, 2018

Jubilant June {2018} ~ Part I

June was definitely a month full of random photos of daily life at home with all four boys, several weekend trips to the beach, etc.  So here is the beginning of this big photo dump of pictures mostly from my camera phone...

We started off the boys' summer break with a morning doughnut date.  Our local doughnut shop really has some of the best doughnuts around.  

We also got those always important well-check ups at the doctor out of the way.  Evan and Brody were being extra feisty wrestling on the exam table.  Evan needed a physical to be able to try out for school sports. 

We headed out to one of the first beach outings of the summer.  Both big boys needed new boogie boards in bigger sizes, and Mattox inherited Brody's old one. Grayson wanted to try it out. 

Evan picked out a cool new dragon one. 

Daddy and his littlest boys have so much fun together. 

We all love building sand castles.  Mr. Grayson enjoyed being able to explore and walk off on his own. 

It was a beautiful day.  Brody made a nice little sand pyramid. 

At church, the boys got their year end awards for their programs. 

Evan and his best pal, Jamin, celebrated moving up to the middle school group. 

Trying to pose for a picture with my sweet Grayson after church. 

I will really miss this sweet baby since he is growing up so fast. 

Enjoying some yummy watermelon. 

Wearing a special ring that was my mom's and is her and Mattie's June birthstone, an alexandrite. 

These boys love going cruising...until they crash into a bush.  

One of their favorite pasttimes is dumping out all the kitchen toys.  I don't know why boys like going shirtless.  

I took Evan and Brody and his friend Justin to see the Solo Star Wars movie.  I loved it! 

Justin and Evan had a sleepover, and they played lots of board games.  They love Monopoly and Risk the most.  

Chef Mattox made me a steak. 

The boys enjoyed having a picnic in the living room and watching a movie. 

A lovely cotton candy pink and blue sunset. 

This dinosaur has been enjoyed since Evan was probably Mattox's age.  We put batteries in it, and the younger boys loved seeing him walk, roar, and try to eat them. 

This cool baby loves his sunglasses. 

My sweet baby is growing up too fast.  I love how his hair curls perfectly in the back when it's wet. 

I somehow got these sweet pictures of big brother Brody and his mini-me Grayson.  They were even matching. 

Grayson had his 18 month check up. 

Brody went along to keep him entertained with latex glove balloons.  Grayson really liked seeing himself in the mirror. 

Selfies with mom.  I think Daddy was at the cardiologist with Evan and Mattox.  Evan had to have a heart check after his physical because the young doctor thought his heart sounded funny.  After getting a full check with chest x-ray, EKG, and ultrasound, it was just determined he is super skinny (like we didn't know this) and needs to build up his chest muscles.  

Brody was being a really great big brother. 

We were working on potty training Mattox, and I let him play with a bucket of water while he sat on his potty hoping it would help him go.  I also celebrated an empty laundry hamper.  Mattox and Grayson wanted to have their own picnic in the living room. 

Daddy and Brody did a science experiment making some cool blue slime that was hard if you poked it but would ooze if you picked it up. 

My sweet little viking baby. 

Trying to get some reading done during a rainstorm.  Brody, Mattox, and Grayson enjoy hanging out in their room together. 

Brody and I tried to get some reading done on his kindle.  Little brother Grayson did a number on the screen when he threw a toy at it.  We did buy him another one so the little boys just use this one with a screen protector over it.  Evan and his best neighbor friends, Lee and Gabe, watched a movie after football camp.  Brody and Mattox fell asleep together on the couch. 

Daddy was either feeding Grayson mac and cheese for dinner or some ice cream.  Hard to tell.  Haha! 

Evan helping baby Grayson score a goal.  Grayson is definitely another ball lover. 

Mattox likes to use the hand dryers in public bathrooms.  Sigh.  I attempted to draw him on his magnetic drawing board.  It kind of came out looking like Shaggy from Scooby Doo with a hairy chin.  Haha!

Daddy blows bubbles for the babies in the house.  Probably why he is their favorite. 

I love cute little boys wearing their first pairs of underwear. 

We decided to try going to the popular beach at Hilton Head so the boys could use the splash pad.  Luckily, we got a parking space fairly easy.  Grayson loves water! 

They all enjoy a splash pad. 

Sweet water babies. 

Evan enjoys spraying his brothers. 

Mattox and Grayson playing nicely while big brothers fight.  

The little boys wanted to give their cars a wash. 

Walking to the beach.  Another beautiful day. 

The parents needed a break while watching their kids play beach soccer. 

Sweet baby boy with his backwards ball cap. 

Future surfer dude for sure! 

Lots more sand play although the sand at this beach was not as soft and more clay like. 

Daddy tried to help them build sandcastles. 

I love when they all play together. 

Grayson was becoming a daddy's boy. 

Helping Mattox learn to boogie board. 

He was pretty good at it. 

Little man going off exploring.  

I think he found a dinosaur footprint...or something cool anyway. 

They managed to build some sandcastles at least.  Look at all of those cute surfers. 

Grayson doing a sunscreen ad.  

A ride home from the beach is made much better with a Rita's Italian Ice shake.  I think this one was Georgia Peach so very appropriate. 

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  1. This makes me want to go to the beach. Argh. It's so not beach weather right now :(

    Also, I love your ring. What a beautiful reminder of your mom and first daughter.

    Our kids don't get annual check ups and it's so annoying. They aren't provided through our health insurance. Grrrr. One of my few complaints about our services. I'm glad Evan's heart is okay. That must have been stressful waiting for answers.

    And wow! Brody and Grayson do look like each other. So cute!!!


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