Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Celebrating Independence Day in Savannah

Our family enjoyed a new tradition of watching the fireworks on Historic River Street in Downtown Savannah.  The fireworks on the river were really beautiful, and it was a festive event.  The boys always enjoy our adventures downtown, and we look forward to continuing this tradition as they grow up.

We walked by the police station on our way to River Street.  There is a cool half taxi, half police car out front.  

Brody likes to get his picture with all the monuments around town.  We haven't yet gotten to try Leopold's Ice Cream because it is always so crowded.  

We opted for some Ben & Jerry's instead.  

The boys enjoyed playing with their light sticks while we waited for the fireworks. 

Pictures with our glow sticks. 

Some cool motion shots of the glow sticks. 

And some group pictures in our red, white & blue. 

The Savannah riverfront and riverboat ferry looked pretty in the setting sun. 

And finally, the fireworks began.  Maybe one year we will buy tickets to watch from the ferry. 

Mattox really enjoyed watching the fireworks. 

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  1. I miss going to Savanah. Love all the red shirts....so cute. :)
    Glad you are posting again!


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