Monday, July 2, 2018

A Family Beach Day

On Mattie's birthday, we took Grandma with us to our favorite beach at Hilton Head Island.  We had thought Aunt Naomi's family would join us, but they were not feeling well that day.  We did meet them for dinner later.  It was an absolutely gorgeous day at the beach.  I don't think I have ever seen the sky so blue, and the water was about as clear as the Caribbean.  The boys really had a blast playing in the water and sand. 

Brody enjoyed kicking the soccer ball on the beach and playing in this big hole someone had dug. 

Evan enjoyed acting like a preteen and a little beach soccer game. 

These sweet babies just love the beach. 

Mattox really wants to learn to boogie board. 

He is just getting so big, but I think Brody and Mommy will always call him our baby. 

Brody enjoys running into the waves.  The water was just gorgeous. 

Future surfer dude! 

Look at those blue skies!

He makes his Mommy look good. 

Daddy and his boys

Mommy loves this little snuggly baby. 

All of my boys enjoying a summer day at the beach.  We wonder if Mattie would have enjoyed boogie boarding or just playing in the sand. 

Daddy and Grandma enjoy watching the boys play. 

Dinner with the family. 

Mommy and her sweet Mattox and all the art my boys created.  Brody made a Christmas June.  Haha!  I guess he wanted to celebrate Christmas in July. 

We caught the tail end of our town's 4th of July celebration as we passed through on the way home.  


  1. This looks fun. I love seeing beach pictures. Wish we could go more often.

  2. I too wish we could go to the beach more often. I can see Mattie building sand castles with her mommy and playing in the waves :)


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