Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Memorial Day at Jekyll Island

Memorial Day weekend is usually one of the first weekends when people head to the beaches so they get pretty crowded.  We are lucky enough to enjoy going to the beaches a lot earlier in the year, but we still like to go in the warmer months too.  For Memorial Day, we decided to hit Jekyll Island because there is usually a lot more parking available.  The only part I don't like about this beach is that the beach access is not stroller or wheelchair friendly...no ramp and lots of steps.  Eddie can usually handle carrying the stroller or beach cart down the steps thankfully.  The day was beautiful, and we enjoyed our beach time together as usual.  We are very attentive and careful parents with so many little swimmers around the water so our beach time is necessarily relaxing, but it is still enjoyed by all.

Of course, we stopped for lunch at Chick-fil-a on the way to the beach.  Grayson received a balloon.

I thought this Missing Man table was a special tribute on Memorial Day.  The US celebrates two holidays during the year to honor our military veterans.  Memorial Day is especially set aside to honor those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for freedom, and the Missing Man table remembers those who tragically were never found so their families did not even have the closure of burying their loved ones.  

I still have not visited Historic downtown Brunswick.  Sigh.  The bridge over to the island is in the newer style like the ones in Charleston and Savannah. 

The entrance to Jekyll is left from when it was a private island retreat.  

Evan is the best big brother and loves playing with his babies. 

I "heart" the beach and my beach babies!

Brody was feeling super silly lying down in the waves.  Needless to say, his shorts and hair were full of sand. 

Sweet big brother and his baby. 

Brody is an aspiring surfer dude.  Mattox just loves his daddy. 

I think my Mattox is just so beautiful.  He melts my heart with his smiles.  He adores his brothers so much. 

I have a love/hate relationship with pictures of myself on the beach.  Haha!

Playing with my babies in the water is priceless. 

Mattox loves being swung around. 

Sand is so fun!

Grayson was really getting his sea legs.  

I love watching the waterfowl flying around over the water. 

Beautiful blue skies with fluffy clouds. 

Two gulls swooped down right over those people's heads to get fish. 

Mattox and Grayson are quite a pair. Inseparable!

They just love their daddy and followed him to the water. 

I love their happy faces. 

So much daddy fun. 

Getting splashed by the waves. 

Grayson thinks Mattox and Daddy are the silliest. 

My sweet beautiful baby

Playing in the sand. 

Evan works on his sand masterpiece while I help Mattox to fill up his water pail countless times. 

Evan's fort masterpiece on the left compared to another person's sand sculpture nearby.  

Evan stood guad by his fort while the tide was coming in.  He wanted to test out his moat.  It did hold for a short time until the tide finally overtook the whole structure. 

Little brothers love copying big brother.  They were playing a stealthy game of some kind of covert op evidenced by the pretend guns they pulled on someone. 

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  1. I love seeing all the beach pictures. It is so relaxing. When we met up with you in July, as we were leaving I looked back at you all and Grayson was smiling and waving. :)


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