Friday, June 8, 2018

Marvelous May {2018}

I don't know how marvelous May actually was, but I think we managed to have a little fun and make some memories along the way.  Watching these babies grow up is marvelous to me!

Grayson was really enjoying playing like a big boy and joining in big brother's crazy games.  I think they were pretending the exersaucer was some kind of ship. 

Waiting for Chick-fil-a and eating breakfast with Daddy. 

Celebrating Cinco de Mayo. 

Mommy taught the church preschool class a lesson on Joseph and his brothers.  We designed our own coats of many colors. 

Daddy assisted Brody in getting his last Tiger awards in Cub Scouts.  The boys enjoyed our neighbors' wet and wild party. 

Grayson did manage to get soaked in this little sprinkler toy. 

Cuddling on the couch is one of our favorite pasttimes.  Mattox the little engineer rigged a way to help break Cocoa out of her room.  Ha! 

We enjoyed watching Lady and the Tramp together, and Grayson played his piano for us. 

Dress up play is always a hit.  Grayson makes a very cute cowboy. 

Uh oh, they found big brother's guns.  

Showing off their new tats.  They love getting tattoos when we eat at Tijuana Flats. 

No, they aren't bathing.  They just like playing in the tub.  Mattox pretends the baby bathtub is a little boat. 

Learning to build blanket forts.  

The chef is in.  

Serving drinks together. 

Sometimes you have to drive-thru and eat because you are so busy. Police duties, you know. 

A little Chick-fil-a fun. 

Meeting daddy for lunch is always a treat. 

My silly boys.  

A crazy full car and dining al fresco on a nice Spring day. 

Yummy onion rings for me and ice cream for the boys. 

These boys enjoying being outside. 

Yikes, when you're shopping at Hobby Lobby and run into some crazy looking alien creatures.  They were nice and let me take their picture.  Ha!  Grocery shopping with four kids is always a blast.  

Cinnamon rolls for breakfast and some special treats for the kids' teachers at the end of the year. We made them some monogrammed planters and added some chocolates and refreshing lemonade. 

This little guy was loving having this tub full of bubbles all to himself. 

A new little hydrangea plant full of blooms in our yard and some selfies with the boys. 

These boys enjoy watching it rain. 

They love to help clean the house. 

Eating at our favorite pizza buffet on the last day of school. 

Then, we kicked off summer at the pool. 

Watching Evan swim like a fish.  He really perfected his diving skills too. 
Grayson enjoyed helping Daddy drive home from the pool in our neighborhood. 

Mattox hanging out with big brother Brody playing video games until he fell asleep.  Brody watching Evan play a computer game. 

Grayson does love a ball! 

Sweet boys waking up to start the day. 

A tickle fest.  Awesome big brother can tickle two at once. 

Fun day at Jekyll Island. 

Brody made me take a picture of his collage art from Chick-fil-a.  Then, he enjoyed a fun day at church to kick off summer. 

Some wet and wild fun. 

Brody loves the waterslides while little brother just watches the action. 

Big brother Evan tries to get Mattox to enjoy the jumpy house. 

And going down the smaller water slide.  Yeah, that worked. 

Brody really loved the pool of water at the bottom. 

Evan's faces do not show how much he really enjoys the slides.  

These boys just enjoyed the playground. 

Starting to fix lunch again for all the boys home for summer.  They enjoyed chicken nuggets and mac and cheese while I had a bbq sandwich and salad. 

We often have to sit in the car during big brother's soccer practices.  It gives Grayson some driving practice. 

Brody got a new trophy for playing baseball again. Yes, it is still just a participation trophy, but he is not ready for competitive games yet. 

Mommy and Daddy reinstated chorizo taco night which goes well with margaritas.  The boys enjoyed some homemade popsicles. 

Mommy's pretty babies. 

Hanging out together on the couch. 

A choo choo ride for two. 

More cooking for Mommy.  Yes, sometimes they like to bring the mess into the living room. 

I guess I could see myself as Queen Elinor from Brave.  Good to know we are true soulmates accoring to a little facebook quiz.  Ha! 

I just thought this verse spoke to me at the moment.  It was from a scripture series on hope, and I do think it is important to give God the glory for our hope.  

I liked this amended bucket list showing what is really important to achieve.  And just for kicks I kept doing this little facebook generator app that gave me some pretty funny and accurate descriptions.  Haha!  

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