Saturday, July 7, 2018

Jubilant June {2018} - Part II

And here is the much anticipated (yeah right!) second half/finale of our June happenings:

We do like going to Tijuana Flats, a cool Tex Mex restaurant, on Sundays for kids' eat free.  It was also Father's Day, and we enjoyed some yummy cookie dough stuffed flautas wtih chocolate dipping sauce for dessert.  Yum!

We even let Daddy indulge in a beer.  Later, he fed the babies some doughnuts because he is the best daddy ever! 

The babies like to hide under the bassinet that still resides in our room.  Yes, it has been well over a year since a baby has slept in it.  Haha! 

We visited Forsyth Park in Savannah to enjoy some more splash pad fun. 

The big boys loved the big spouts of water while Mattox enjoyed hiding under this ledge. 

Grayson still enjoys any water he can get into. 

We enjoyed a little picnic lunch under the shade of this pavilion. 

Grayson was very thirsty.  That baby loves to drink! 

Yay for water! 

Then, the boys headed over to the playground to play.  They let me take a few pictures of them all together on this big bench swing glider thing.  

And on the big saucer swing.  Grayson preferred to have it all to himself though. 

Yay for a merry-go-round.  My boys love them! 

Breakfast smoothies and naps on Mommy's bed were also enjoyed this month. 

Another day at the beach. 

Mommy plays with them too.  It isn't all daddy. 

Lots more boogie boarding.  Brody chose this cool artsy board. 

Grandma enjoyed spending a day at the beach with them. 

Daddy and Mommy celebrated their 15th anniversary. 

Evan headed off to another week of summer camp.  He loves it! 

Evan and his church buddies had a blast. 

And I love the way this experience allows him to grow spiritually as the boys pray for one another at the altar during their church services and participate in worship together. 

Evan enjoyed his cardiology visit and also enjoyed going to the movies with some of his best school and neighborhood pals. 

Brody enjoys his church activities too. 

The boys helped celebrate Cocoa's 4th birthday. 

Sweet little stinker.  He loves sweets and can fall asleep anywhere. 

More breakfast smoothies and homemade coffee cake. 

Daddy and I snuck away to a movie to see the new Jurassic World. 

Sweet baby is always ready to eat. 

I went to pick Evan up from summer camp, and we stopped for lunch at McDonald's.  Sigh.  He enjoyed a McFlurry.  Daddy made a yummy poundcake for Mattie's birthday cake. 
The movie Problem Child came on, and I remembered that my husband looked just like the kid in the movie.  I had to do a comparison to prove it.  Haha!  Same sly smile and all. 

Hmmm, I apparently connect most with intellectuals and am a bit too serious and obsessive sometimes.  Haha!  I am also going to make the best grandma apparently.  I can't wait!  I will spoil them rotten and send them home to drive their parents crazy!  I just thought the minion meme was funny.  Apparently, I should have been name Francis Polebean.  Funny, I grew up in the south and never knew anyone named this.  Ha! 

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  1. Now I want to know what my southern name is?!?!?

    And I'm so sad that my kids didn't make it to church camp last year. This year is looking iffy too due to other travel plans. Grrr...

    And as I sit shivering in the hallway at dance, I really am envious of the WARMTH portrayed in these pictures -- although I know it's super hot there in summer.


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