Monday, May 7, 2018

Our Wild Adventures ~ Part II

Our adventures continued on Sunday, Brody's birthday, for one more day of fun before we had to travel back home.  We wrapped up what we had not yet accomplished at the park and left to eat a late lunch before the three hour journey home.  It was a good weekend for all, especially Brody.

Brody enjoyed a big breakfast at Bojangles.  They started selling a breakfast bowl of grits, eggs, cheese, and sausage which is how I make it at home. 

Celebrating the big birthday boy at breakfast. 

He is definitely my silly boy. He gave himself and me bunny ears. 

My sweet boys love the carousel. 

I love these babies. 

And my big boys still enjoy the carousel too. 

One with Mommy too.  

This was probably mine and Mattox's favorite ride together.  It was a little roller coaster, and he acted so big riding it.  He is just growing up so fast.  Sniff. 

Big brothers rode in front of us.  My Mattox has such a special part of my heart.  

Daddy always rides the spinning rides.  He and Mattox had a great time on the spinning dragons. 

I love Mattox's happy faces so much.  Evan and Brody rode in their own dragon. 

This little memory will probably always bring a smile and maybe a tear to my eyes.  It just reminds me how sweet this boy is.  He was so excited to ride this little ride, but Grayson wasn't quite old enough to ride with him.  Parents were too big to ride.  Brody was the only one who could ride with him.  He had ran off with Evan.  Mattox got on by himself, but he just got too upset to ride by himself.  

The top left picture is his very sad face.  He got off and had to wait until we could get Brody to come back to ride.  Brody tried to throw a fit about riding a "baby ride," but we got him to agree to it reluctantly.  Mattox acted so sweet here as he "encouraged" Brody to join him and gestured for him to sit behind him and was just so happy.  

He was excitedly pointing at the other animals on the ride, but he loved this tiger best. 

Here you can see him patting and "consoling" Brody in his special way.  It just melted my heart!  I just hope one day Brody remembers this moment and how much it meant to his little brother. 

Mattox's happy faces are just so beautiful. 

Then, sweet big brother helped him out of the ride at the end.  They have grown closer through sharing a room lately. 

We hit the splash pad again to cool off for a few minutes. 

We didn't wear bathing suits this day, but the boys' shorts would dry very quickly in the South Georgia heat. 

They all love the water. 

Grayson looked so big going shirtless. 

Sweet boys. 

Evan and Brody were excited to ride the river rapids ride.  Daddy and Mattox rode too. 

They showed me how wet they were at the end of the ride. 

I love how little Mattox looks on that big raft. 

Then, Mommy got to ride with them. 

Mommy tried to take a few pictures on the actual ride.  This one did get us all pretty wet. 

The big boys wanted to ride this airplane ride.  This was one of the few rides Evan was excited to ride, and it took them higher than the swings that he hated. 

I rode one of the bigger coasters with a Cub Scout buddy since Evan didn't want to ride, and Brody wasn't big enough yet. Daddy and the boys enjoyed the bumper cars.  Evan's and Brody's favorite ride was probably this little coaster that instead of going up and down hills, it took you on a jerky back and forth ride.  I tried to video some of it and dropped my phone in my lap because it was so jerky.  

For lunch, we hit the local Mellow Mushroom.  The ones here in Georgia apparently have these creative recycled metal sculptures.  Ours has a huge Captain America Minion and an Optimus Prime.  This one had a cool Hulk outside that the boys loved. 

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