Monday, May 28, 2018

Evan's Last Days of Elementary School

Wow, I can't believe we are already at this point!  Next year, MIDDLE SCHOOL!  It really seems like I just wrote about his first day of Kindergarten back in 2012.  Where does the time go?  Evan has always been such a champ at school.  Even through changing schools multiple times, he doesn't miss a beat.  He accepts any challenge, makes friends with everyone he meets, and loves learning EVERYTHING!  Seriously, he is a bit of a nerd.  He always has a book in his hand.  I have lost track of all the books he reads because he has a new one everyday.  Yes, he reads very fast too.  He mostly reads middle and higher level novels now and loves book series about magic and fantasy like all of Rick Riordan's series.  He also loves historical fiction and nonfiction books.  Also, he is a champion chess player and loves going to chess club at school.  Nope, I don't know where he got that from because I cannot stand chess.  He is equally well-rounded about his love for sports and the outdoors too.  As much as he loves learning, he still loves recess and spends every spare second outside playing with friends.  He doesn't care what the weather is like either.  If he is inside too long, he goes completely crazy and gets pretty ill-tempered.  Ha!  His last months of elementary school and fifth grade were pretty full of fun experiences for him.  He competed and won medals in his two Science Olympiad events.  He went on a field trip with his class to the local National Museum of the Mighty Eighth Air Force.  He went on his big fifth grade field trip to Charleston, SC to see the USS Yorktown Aircraft Carrier, ride a boat tour of Charleston Harbor, and visit an aquarium.  I am glad his last days of elementary school were such fun ones for him.

Evan loved visiting the air force museum which he had begged to visit since we moved here.  It is clearly visible from I-95 between Pooler and Savannah with large planes displayed outside.  

Evan and his Science Olympiad team all did very well at their regional competition. 

Their classes had some fun events like playing Escape the room and having a glow in the dark party. 

Evan wanted to participate in a field day event at the high school and will possibly go out for track and field next year because he loves to run.  Seriously, who is this kid and where did he come from?  I think he is an alien.  Haha!  

Getting to sit in the captain's chair on the Yorktown.  I didn't go on any of his field trips so I was thankful for these pictures. 

Evan and his classmates on the Yorktown. 

Of course, the guns are usually their favorites. 

Such a fun full day trip. They rode a boat ride while they ate lunch and then visited a local aquarium. 

Evan enjoyed the touch tank, and they all fit inside this huge eagle's nest. 

Although his school didn't have an official graduation, they do a special graduation from their CHAMPS curriculum taught by the Sheriff's Department which is similar to the old DARE program I did in school.  

Receving his "diploma."

A picture with a proud Daddy and Mommy. 

And one with his teacher at their end of year party.  Evan and his best pal, Tyler, are computer geeks. 

They received awards from their teacher for the year.  Evan received a special award for his creative writing. Grayson just loved the beach balls all the kids received to get signed by their friends. 

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