Saturday, May 26, 2018

Evan and the Pittsburgh Pirates

Evan's season of baseball had its share of highs and lows as most of our years of rec sports have.  There are things we have enjoyed and things that we haven't.  Sometimes it is the less than stellar coaching, sometimes it is the bad umpires, and sometimes it is the bad attitudes of the kids.  In it all, we find something new to learn and grow in our skills.  Evan loves any chance to play a game involving a ball.  He doesn't usually let much upset him and usually ignores the bad behavior around him.  I am thankful he has his daddy's attitude there.  He played very well this season.  He was very fast in the field and could catch or stop a fast hit ball and get it in to the infield position to make the out.  He could steal bases like a pro.  I really enjoyed getting to watch him play this year.

We also took Evan's baseball pictures because we missed the official team picture day. 

He is an expert at posing for pictures. 

He looked so professional in the field.  

He has a great arm for throwing. 

Up at bat he was ready to swing at a good pitch although he rarely got one.  He got walked a lot this season, but he is great at knowing when to swing or not. I think that pitch actually hit him.  

He could usually steal bases easily because of his speed. 

Safely at second. 

Ready at bat. 

We had to buy a new bat because his league had some crazy restrictive bat rules.  

He stole all the way to 3rd. 

Great swing!

He is always ready in the field. 

At bat on one of his last games of the season. 

He stole and slid to make it safely to second. 

He's safe at second and going for third. 

Safe at third. 

These boys were having a fun day at the ball field. 

I love watching him play.  He really gets into the game. 

A close and hard fought game. 

Way to go, Evan!  You are a winner to us! 

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