Sunday, May 20, 2018

Brody's Last Tiger Events

The second half of Brody's Tiger year as a Cub Scout was pretty full of events.  This troop does a good job of making these occasions feel very special.  He enjoyed Pinewood Derby, his first Blue and Gold Banquet, a little family campout, and a neat crossing over to become a Wolf in the coming year.

My little artist painted the sweetest flag representing his family at one of his meetings.  He always includes Mattie.  He and Evan worked together on painting their Pinewood Derby cars.  They also wore their uniforms to church for a special Sunday service. 

Brody wanted a Minecraft Creeper car this year.  He was very proud of the TNT we painted on the back. 

The little brothers enjoyed trying out the cars before the race. 

Brody's car did reasonably well in the race and was about in the middle of the cars in his troop. 

Brody and his den after the race. 

He had fun at the Blue and Gold Banquet. 

We enjoyed this little camp out at nice small campsite with just our troop.  We spent the first night together, but everyone packed up the second night because of pending storms. These boys were enjoying the bottle rocket. 

Brody helped pump it up one time. 

Evan enjoyed being the announcer in a little box car race using some cars that were already onsite. 

I loved the Ghostbuster car. 

Mattox and his little pal enjoyed playing in the cars and walking across this little bridge. 

"Who ya gonna call?  MATTOX!"  

Mattox was having fun exploring. 
Mattox and his friend found some dirt to play in. 

Brody had a den meeting in the afternoon. 

They painted and designed their own shields. 

Then, they set up an obstacle course. 

Brody running through the course. 

Walking the balance beam, crawling through the tires, and climbing the hill to the finish line. 

My little hiking knight is ready for a game of capture the flag in the woods. 

He and his pal were in charge of guarding the flag. 

After all the excitement, he was in need of a nap.  Grayson just wanted to raid the cooler for a drink. 

Evan pretending to be some kind of ninja or martial artist as usual. 

Just hanging out a little before dinner. 

These boys did very well on their first camping trip. 

A sweet little future Tiger. 

Getting ready for the evening ceremonies after dinner. 

Brody's den presented the flag and colors. 

They put on a little skit with their shields. 

And a flag retirement ceremony completed the evening. 

One of Brody's last den meetings was at the local fire department.  Boys love a fire truck. 

Especially with the lights on. 

Mattox and Grayson enjoyed exploring too. 

Brody and his friend exploring inside the fire truck. 

Brody and the fireman. 

Brody received his final awards at the last Pack meeting.  

The boys were ready to get their Tiger badges. 

They also got some Tiger stripes.  I love Brody's happy face.  

The boys had to be turned upside down again to get their badges. 

These boys were just being extra cute and sweet at the meeting.  Grayson paced out from the excitement. 

The younger troops have a special crossing over to get their new neckerchiefs to move up.  

Brody becomes a Wolf. 

My little Wolf is ready as an experienced Cub Scout now. 

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