Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Brody's Last Days of 1st Grade

Brody's final months of first grade were equally sweet as he really ventured out of his shell to try new things.  He isn't the most athletic kid, but he always tries his best.  He volunteered to run in the track and field events at the high school like his big brother.  He is just the sweetest little soul to everyone he meets and always has a big smile for everyone.  He is so well-behaved in school and always brings home the good character tickets they receive for good behavior.  I think of him as my Ferdinand the Bull.  He would just rather pick flowers and enjoy taking things a little slower in life instead of charging full speed ahead.  He really had a great school year and made so much progress in reading, writing, and math.

His school post a lot of pictures throughout the year on their Facebook page so I love finding Brody in them.  I love his "surprise" face behind his teacher when she received a gift for the class. He often pretends to be shy looking away from the camera.  He does love computer time. 

One of my favorite picture projects of Brody was his make a wish picture.  He wrote a little piece about what he wished for to go along with it.   He wrote he wished for mom to be nice because she is loved and is the best mom everyday.  Um, maybe mom isn't always very nice?  But I do feel very loved by him.  He was also ready to try to run in some track and field races at the high school. 

I love how determined he looked running.  He makes me so proud! 

He and his classmates enjoyed playing together at their school field day events. 

They found something interesting down in the sewer grate.  Maybe ninja turtles?  Haha!  Yes, Dad caught me giving him pointers on how to do his long jump.  

He had good form and made it almost 4 feet. 

Caught in the air. 

Drinking water and cheering on the racers. 

Brody and his teacher on the last day of school. 

Ready for their ice cream party! 

Getting tons of sweet treats for their ice cream. 

Look at that happy face!  His sweet friend gave him bunny ears. 

Giving his teacher a gift. 

And a big ol' group hug for teacher.  Little brother just wanted to play on the table with Mommy's phone. 

He gives the best hugs!  

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