Friday, May 25, 2018

Brody and the Oakland A's

Brody played baseball for the Oakland Athletics this year.  He played slow machine pitch.  With Evan at this age, the league he played in did coach pitch, but the leagues we have moved to since then have not offered this option which I think is unfortunate.  Coach pitch is a much smoother transition from t-ball to fast pitch baseball.  The players are much more likely to hit a slow pitched ball from their coach or adult.  Learning to hit a ball that is coming towards you is a big learning curve in baseball.  He had started hitting a few pitches last season though so we were hopeful.  This season, he had great form to his swing, but he didn't make a lot of contact.  We really aren't sure how much longer Brody will pursue baseball.  He does seem to have good time though.  Mostly, I encourage my boys to play these recreational sports for a little while at least because sports teach them so much about exercising,  staying fit, and good sportsmanship.  I also just love getting pictures like these of my kids in action.  

We missed the official team picture day because we were traveling out of town, but I think we captured some great shots of our own. 

Our little "pro" baseball player. 

Brody really does have a great laugh and smile that lights up his whole face. 

But his fake pouts are pretty cute too. 

He is a character for sure! 

Are you #1 or #2, Brody?  Haha! 

Our silly boy

And yes, pictures like these are a must with little boys.  Just imagine some potty noises and humor here and you have the essence of little boyhood. 

Some pictures of our big boys together.  We had a Pittsburgh Pirate and an Oakland Athletic.  Evan said he was an Oakland UNATHLETIC!  

He is ready for a great season of baseball to begin. 

He mostly played outfield, and he was ready.   He made a great swing at the ball. 

Great swing, Brody!  
Batter ready. 
Sitting in the dugout awaiting his turn at bat.  
I just love watching him doing his thing in the field.  You never know what boys at this age will do. 
Go Brody! 
Memories of little boys on the ballfield are priceless. 
The last game of the season was a tough one.   

My sweet boy. 

Brody had the tough job of being the last player up at bat with 2 outs already.   He gave it his best shot though. 

I was proud of this little team.  Most of the other teams were "stacked" with players that the coaches selected after having coached them previously.  Our boys played hard and had fun. 

One last team cheer, and Brody was as happy to get this ring pop treat as he would have been to get any trophy.  Haha! 

Mattox wanted a lollipop treat too, and Grayson was happy with a few of Brody's goldfish crackers. 

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