Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Amicable April {2018} ~ Part 2

April continued...

I love finding these three boys sitting together so nicely.  Grayson climbs up to copy his brothers who are watching TV together. 

We met Daddy and Evan for lunch one day when Evan went with Daddy to his work to hunt. Grayson thinks big brother Brody is hilarious giving him bunny ears. 

This kid just steals my heart.  He loves to help clean the house and still enjoys a good snuggle and nap on the couch. 

Evan got his last awards for his Basic Training group at church.  He is graduating into the middle school group next year.  Brody was proud to help recite his memory verse. 

I wanted a close up of their hats and badges. 

Our sweet big boy. 

Our boys love going to Tijuana Flats for lunch after church on Sundays and getting their new tattoos for the week.  Mattox loves his fire breathing pirate skull tattoo.  Grayson doesn't care what he gets. 

Evan is losing molars now.  Almost all done with the teeth losing for this one. 

Mattox loves to stop and smell (and pick) the flowers. 

We made some fun paper bag puppets as a special craft. 

Library storytime was all about Elmo this week.  The library staff caught us on camera. 

Big boys making their crafts. 

And playing together with the "new" toys. 

Having a little fun at the water table.  We don't do this nearly enough. 

Fun at the ball fields during big brothers' games. 

Playing hide and seek in the bushes. 

Sweet Grayson loves a ball while Brody prefers joining his friend playing with tech gadgets. 

The big boys went canoeing and kayaking with Daddy.  Evan manned his own kayak.  

They look so big! 

Our church pastor caught some images with his go-pro camera. 

Brody made cornbread for dinner, and little brothers enjoy watching cartoons at breakfast. 

Really wanting to go outside. 

Mommy attempting to sketch her beautiful baby. 

With his crazy hair starting to curl out around his ears and his big mischievous grin, he is looking a little like Pennywise from It.  Haha!  

We visited Evan's new middle school one night, and he enjoyed seeing some of his best school pals. 

Grayson loves sunglasses, and they love making a big mess. 

My sweet happy baby eating his lunch. 

My little zombie boy brought home some glow-in-the-dark vampire teeth from his school treasure box. 

Yeehaw to two adorable little cowboys. 

Quite possibly the cutest bat boy ever!  We were taking some baseball pictures of Evan and Brody because we missed the official pictures, and Mattox was so cute holding the bats. 

Cuddling on the couch or playing outside are just some things we do here.  Mr. Grayson got into my flower pot on the porch and tried to eat some dirt.  Sigh. 

My babies were cheesing in church. 

Brody enjoyed his healthy snack of fruits and vegetables for his cub scout project.  He ate it all! 

My beautiful rose bush in full bloom. 

This baby loves playing in the yard. 

And riding cars and bikes with big brother. 

Accidents and messes are just going to happen in a house full of boys.  Sigh.  But they are so cute in the tub. 

I enjoyed a yummy salad for lunch.  It is very difficult to keep Grayson from climbing onto the kitchen counters now.  Sigh. 

Looking extra cute at breakfast. 
One of the best moments this month (and probably for the whole year) was when Evan decided to be baptized.  As parents, we did not want to push or pressure him in any way to do this since I know the decision must be a really personal one.  Daddy got to help. 

Baptism symbolizes our commitment to our faith and our decision to accept Jesus's gift of salvation.  

Celebrating our big boy Brody's birthday with Snoopy snocones and a special visit to Mellow Mushroom. 

Just some of the memes I liked this month.  One of them gave me a special message from Mattie.  I think the name list is the only one I have ever seen mine on (even though it is spelled wrong).  I am always ready for the beach! 

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