Thursday, May 10, 2018

Amicable April {2018} ~ Part 1

April started off as a pleasant month with beautiful days to be outside before the bug epidemic drove us all indoors.  We started it off with a pleasant Easter and soon enjoyed our first trip to the beach.

The big boys enjoyed a silly string battle from the treasures of their Easter baskets. 

Silly boys! 

Evan is merciless. 

These little guys just enjoyed their chocolates from their Easter baskets. 

I think they were eating their chocolate marshmallow bunnies. 

Grayson was feeling particularly photogenic. 

Sweet little chocolate lovers. 

Two little chefs in the kitchen. 

And two little stinkers in the laundry basket while Mommy folded clothes. 

Grayson loves his best buddy, Cocoa. 

Brody loves being a little scientist and begs me to help him do his science projects all the time.  We made pretty colored jiggly crystals. 

Mattox was being silly and cute at dinner. 

Grayson loves watching his silly big brothers play.  
Mattox is a firm believer that "an apple a day keeps the doctor away."  He loves apples and will happily finish his brother's when they leave a lot of apple on the core.  He was wearing big brother Evan's camping hat. 

Ready for some Chick-fil-a on the way to the beach.  He was pointing out the sharks on his new swim shirt. 

Evan was getting sweet Grayson love and giggles. 

We think Grayson has inherited Evan's love of a ball. 

Learning to walk and play ball on the beach. 

Cutie in green. 

Evan and Brody have a water squirter battle on the beach. 

Mattox watches his silly big brothers. 

I love playing with my baby at the beach.  It is our happy place. 

Beautiful Mattox

Precious Grayson

We didn't play in the water too much this time since it was still kind of chilly, but they love playing in the sand. 

Just taking a walk on the beach with Mommy. 

Just having a good day. 

Little ball lover. 
Big brother shows him how to play and fill his bucket. 

I love hanging out with these kids. 

Watching my babies play.  Mattox still loves to fill his pail with water and pour it on the sand. 

More epic big brother battles. 

A nice day at the beach together. 

His hair is getting so long and pretty and starting to curl. 

This baby is just getting too big!  Sniff. 

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