Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Our Easter 2018

Easter was a fairly simple affair this year.  We took our annual family pictures in beautiful downtown Savannah's Forsyth Park and spent a traditional Easter Sunday going to church together and having an Easter egg hunt afterwards.  I love Easter, and this one was a good one.

We started Easter off by attempting to get our picture made with the Easter bunny.  I have actually never even attempted to get my kids' picture made with him before.  Now, if it was a real bunny, I would be all over it.  I just don't really care much for someone dressed in a bunny costume.  That just doesn't spell E.A.S.T.E.R. to me, and I love all things Easter.  I love the real meaning of the season as a Christian, but I also love the beautiful traditions of brightly colored eggs, beautiful Spring flowers and colors, and pretty Easter clothes.  And I love REAL bunnies.  Maybe that is my hang up.  I just don't want fake bunnies.  Anyway, my kids must agree because this is what we got.  Mattox and Grayson totally flipped out, and Evan and Brody just tried their best to keep them in the picture.  Ha!  We really just went because it was free, and we were meeting Eddie's sister's family there to celebrate Evan's birthday.  It's a funny memory anyway.  Ha! 
Mattox and Grayson did seem pretty excited in line and didn't release the storm until they got too close.  

Grayson did enjoy having his own little Easter egg hunt at the park. 

On Sunday morning, the boys did get some baskets full of treats.  
Evan and Brody got baskets filled with candy filled eggs, silly string, and water squirters. 

Mattox and Grayson got some chocolate bunnies, bunny sunglasses, and pool floats. 

I just had to hear Brody read his funny card.  It said the Easter bunny would leave lots of treats for him with the picture of a chocolate Easter bunny leave a trail of "chocolate" pieces behind him.  He thought it was hilarious!

Mattox looked pretty adorable in his bunny glasses, and Evan counted his chocolate. 

Mattox and Grayson were the cutest little bunnies. 

They made me try it on too. 

Grayson got to try one of his chocolate marshmallow bunnies. 

Then, the boys got their picture made with an even better Easter bunny.  Okay, Mattox still may not have liked him.  Ha! 

My cuties dressed alike for Easter.  I don't know how much longer I can pull this incredible feat off. 

I love my boys! 

The boys were not being as cooperative for Daddy. 

But we did get a couple decent shots. 

Our official Easter family picture from church.  Everyone was looking and almost everyone was smiling. 

Daddy and his little mini man posed for a sweet picture while Brody wanted one solo. 

After church, there was an Easter egg hunt for all the kids' age groups. Mattox's group was first.  

Mattox did so well finding the eggs by himself and putting them in his basket.  He has grown so much this year. Grayson mostly just watched. 

He is getting so big. 

Brody was very fast in his group.  

So many colorful eggs. 

Evan's group was a bit more competitive although they all received the same prizes at the end. 

We did get to take Mattie some Easter flowers earlier in the month when we visited NC.  We made her an Easter basket full of pretty flowers. 

Big brothers love their little sister.  Her little brothers were sleeping in the car. 

I love that these boys still remember and love their sister.  I hope they will always cherish these special moments together.  Happy Easter, Mattie! 

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