Thursday, April 5, 2018

Moderate March {2018} ~ Part II

The second half of our March was still pretty fun.  We still had another big birthday to celebrate at the end of it. 

We started off with a trip to Chick-fil-a for lunch.  The biggest boys love the playplace more than the little boys. 

Grayson was starting to walk more on his own and enjoyed the toddler play area. 

Silly happy boys.  

Mattox showing little brother how to play.  

Grayson really learned to take off and walk on the ball fields playing with a ball.  He would throw the ball and walk to pick it up.  

I played a fishing game with the kids in the church preschool class. 

I love my St. Patrick's Day babies even when they aren't very happy.  Grayson was just focused on standing on his own. 

I was reminded in a flashback post that it was 8 years ago since we celebrated my Grandma's 85th birthday in California when Evan was not quite 3.  We also celebrated my Granny's 90th birthday 11 years ago before she died. 

Wearing my green on Sunday after St. Patrick's Day because green is a great color. Taking selfies in the car is really "enlightening."  You definitely see things you don't notice anywhere else with poor lighting.  I looked at these close ups of my face on my phone and thought I had marked on myself with a pen between my eyes.  Turns out, my brow creases have gotten really deep lately.  Sigh.  It's probably a result of both old age and not wearing sunglasses because I haven't had prescription ones for years.  

We stocked up on our favorite barbecue sauce from eastern NC when we visited home.  It is the best vinegar based spicy sauce.  I was a little jealous of Eddie's and Evan's science olympiad shirts.  

Lunch time is fun.  

Our boys love pasta and have the cutest pasta faces.  Mattox looks so much like Evan at that age. 

I had a movie night with the church ladies to see "I Can Only Imagine."  

I thought this was a pretty accurate cartoon these days of most people's views.  Most people just want to do what they want with no worry about the consequences. 

Mattox the pirate cowboy, and Grayson the walking toddler. 

Their faces here crack me up.  So cute! 

Uh oh, apparently Grayson is training to join the dark side with his red light sabre.  

Evan had his special crossing over ceremony from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts and had to walk across a high rope bridge. 

And we all camped out together for the first time with Cub Scouts.  The weather was decent in late March the first night, but we had to leave the second night because of severe storms threatening the area. 

Bottle rockets and relay races created by themselves are just a few fun things about Cub Scouts. 

Brody loved painting his shield, but camping really tired him out. 

Brody's tiger den did a special flag presentation and skit at the campout. 

I loved this sermon on temptations versus trials.  So many are quick to view all trials in life as temptations sent by God...the view that God is the cause of everything.  Why would they rather blame God that most of them don't even want to believe in than admit that there is real evil and darkness in the world?  I guess most have fallen victim to the father of lies.  Sigh. 

Brothers coloring together. 

Daddy's home! 

Another night at the ball field. 

We started potty training hard this month. 

But nap time on the couch is still the best. 

We visited the mall to see the Easter bunny, and Mattox really wanted to ride the train.  We only did the free Easter bunny at Bass Pro, and the train was only if you waited in the long line to see the mall bunny.  Since none of the boys loved the free bunny, I didn't think it was worth waiting and wasting money to see the other one.  Evan and Mattox liked riding the ATV's at Bass Pro better anyway. 

Mattox and his cousin, Grady, look so cute in glasses. 

This mall has the coolest double decker carousel.  We decided the boys had to ride it. 

Grady wanted to ride this alligator on the lower deck. 

But my boys wanted to ride on the second story deck.  Evan found his beloved ostrich, and Brody chose a neat seahorse while Mattox rode a white tiger. 

Grayson just enjoyed his white horse.  

These posts really spoke to me a lot this month.  I love the bunny print and the words are so true.  If you ever find people who truly appreciate you, you have to hold on to them tightly.  

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