Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Moderate March {2018} ~ Part 1

Aside from lots of birthday and wedding celebrating, March was a pretty ordinary month for us.  The weather is pretty moderate around here, but the terrible bug infestation makes being outside less than pleasant.  Sand gnats...blah!  Aside from a few inconveniences, it was a pretty good month for everyone.

My minimal Spring decor and our calendar ushered in March. 
We traveled home to North Carolina and drove through the well-known golf haven of Pinehurst, NC. 
I loved the full Harvest Moon this night.  We were actually driving so I took this with the camera from a moving vehicle.  I think that is pretty impressive.  Haha! 

While visiting Mattie, we love checking out the rest of the family cemetery.  This family had lost several very young infants and children which made me sad. 

These boys love staying in a hotel.  I can remember hotels seeming very interesting and mysterious when I was a child, and I love watching their excitement and imaginations. 

Mattox loved his talking dog and Teddy Ruxpin that he received for his birthday. 

These boys always love making their own pizzas at Mellow Mushroom kids' night. 

I love how big (and little) Mattox looks reaching the counter. 

I attempted to draw the Trans-Am that was on the wall of the restaurant, and Brody added a pizza onto it.  Haha! This restaurant has a movie theme with lots of cool movie props like Spiderman suspended from the ceiling and a giant Optimus Prime inside and the giant Captain America Minion outside. 

Mattox and I had our own "storytime" with a craft.  He helped me cut out and glue on the dog's face. 

He also discovered big brother's aircraft carrier and enjoyed flying his planes. 

I made a cookie cake for another birthday treat for Mattox, and we watched the newly acquired Lady & the Tramp finally.  It is truly my favorite Disney movie, and that Victorian style house is my dream house. 

Azaleas draped in Spanish moss in our yard. The moss falls off the trees after a storm. 

We did try to enjoy some time outside. 

Nap times are Mommy's favorite times.  Evan was ready to start baseball practice. 

Daddy took Mommy and the little boys on a doughnut date one morning. 

We love our local doughnut shop.  They make huge bear claws and apple fritters. 

Mattox loved this big bear in the shop, and we fed him some doughnut. 

We took Grayson to his 15 month doctor check up.  

He just loves his daddy. 

Mattox liked this Incredible Hulk comic book poster on the wall. 

I needed an eye exam and new glasses because mine were over 5 years old.  Yikes!  Luckily, my eye sight has not deteriorated any more. 

Grayson loves helping Mommy with the laundry, and Brody helped Daddy do some yard work.  They were burning some leaves and limbs. 

Brody likes playing on Evan's computer when he lets him. 

These boys love Chick-fil-a, and Mattox was excited to get a new Curious George book as he had recently started liking the movies. 

Grayson snuck around me and stole my oreos one night.  Silly boy! 

Who is the cutest little sunglasses wearing cowboy?  Yep, it's Mattox. 

But Grayson refuses to be outdone. 

Brody has always loved the water any way he can get it.  He still loves a good bubble bath and really loves the ocean. 

Mattox just keeps getting cuter. 

Mattox hogged the couch so Grayson fell asleep on the floor.  I picked him up and made Mattox share the couch. 

Mattox was flying big brother's space shuttle. 
Well, this quiz got my age correct, but then they were totally wrong about where I am from.  Haha!  Apparently, I prefer midwestern snacks.  But seriously, comfort food originated in the south people.  Ya'll stole it from us and took it west with you.  Haha! 

Well, at least I do attract smart guys.  Haha!  Apparently, I should have been born in May.  Nah, I'll stick with my sapphire.  I do need that shirt for moms of boys though. 

I think they got NC incredibly wrong.  Why is it so hard for people to notice how advanced NC is?  We had the first public university in the country and still some of the best in the country.  Our cities are extremely technologically advanced and have some of the best medical facilities in the country as well.  I have really missed that living down here in Georgia with very limited medical resources.  Sigh.  I think NC and Georgia's should be reversed.  Seriously, Georgia has one large city, and Atlanta is actually smaller than Charlotte and Raleigh by population.  Charlotte is double its size, and Raleigh is roughly the same size with a much larger county population.  NC has 6 cities with over 200,000 people.  Georgia has one.  Yep.  One, people.  NC has several more large cities, including Greensboro, Durham, Winston-Salem, Asheville, and Wilmington, while Savannah is like the fourth largest city in Georgia and it barely has 100,000 people.  It is crazy!  People are really really uneducated about the south.  A simple google search can clarify all of that information.  I asked my Arizona friend how she felt about Arizona's.  I think it refers to how all of their houses and buildings match the beige desert landscape.  They really don't put a lot of color on their buildings and architecture.  However, they do have some gorgeous colors in nature with their flora and fauna and sunsets.  I think the beige buildings help to detract the burning sun to help keep the interiors cooler.  

Look, someone photographed my parking space at Target.  Haha!  I don't always fly on my broom though.  Hehe!

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