Friday, April 20, 2018

Evan's Last Days of Cub Scouts

This year has truly felt like the ending of an era in the life of our firstborn son.  He completed his elementary school years and his Cub Scout experience.  I feel like we still have many more years of these adventures ahead of us with three more boys following in his footsteps though.  It is just starting to get real that we only have a few more years left before he leaves home to go out into the world.  Evan has really been an incredible first child.  With the exception of a few rough months his first year getting him to gain enough weight, he has surpassed all of our dreams and expectations of parenting.  He is the best big brother, a kind and compassionate young man, an awesome student and intellectual, and a dedicated athlete and lover of all sports known to man. He pretty much rocks our world around here.  Evan's troop really made his last days as a Cub Scout some of the most memorable of his entire four years with some special ceremonies and celebrations honoring their accomplishments.

In February, Evan and Brody wore their uniforms to church because they were supposed to attend a religious service for part of a badge requirement.  Cub Scouts are taught to be reverent.  

Later that day, Evan and his den visited City Hall to learn about being good citizens and participating in local government.  They met the mayor and a special police dog. Our little town has a little history involving Henry Ford and his investment in agriculture and forestry operations. He even built a winter home here for his family. 

The boys learned a lot that day.  His parents did not attend so I was thankful someone took these pictures. 

The annual Pinewood Derby is a huge Cub Scout event.  The boys design and build their cars which must pass specifications for weight and size.  They are encouraged to get creative with their designs so there are always some impressive cars. Evan wanted a fire breathing dragon car this year.  We should have put his eyes on top, but I thought they looked better on the sides.  I just forgot that the car wheels would hide them.  Haha!  

He did get a special award for his unique design. 

He didn't win his den race, but he did come in 5th out of 12 so not too bad. 

He earned his last badges and awards at this meeting. 

A picture of his whole den after the awards were presented. 

This troop really makes the annual Blue and Gold Banquet a special occasion for the oldest Cub Scouts who are earning their Arrow of Light as the final stage of Cub Scouts.  The cake had all of Evan's den's names on it. 

A picture of the whole troop.  It is a pretty big troop. 

The table centerpieces were too cute, and the boys loved the peg games and smores kits. 

There was a fun photo backdrop with props.  Evan and Brody were going camping together, and Grayson was my little lumberjack with his ax. I love my lumberjack so much I wore lumberjack plaid lipstick.  Haha! 

Mattox played us some tunes by the campfire. We were very proud parents of our Cub Scout. 

I received a special mother's sash so that if Evan chooses to continue in Boy Scouts, he will pin me whenever he advances in rank. It is very sweet.  He received his Arrow of Light plaque and his Boy Scout book. 

These gorgeous wood carved plaques with their names on them display their arrows and will be treasures for years. Evan enjoyed eating his name on the cake. 

Standing up with Evan during the awards presentation.  The 7 Arrow of Light candles represent the 7 virtues of life that all scouts should strive to live by which are wisdom, courage, self-control, justice, faith, hope, and love. 

I do not recall either of our previous troops doing this special ceremony for their last Cub Scout adventure.  The crossing over represents the boys transition from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts. It felt pretty ritualistic with a ceremonial bonfire and a high rope bridge.  Boy Scouts attended to provide support to the new scouts and welcome them. 

I thought the picture of the flag with the Scouts behind it was cool.  Evan got to be the first to cross the bridge.  I told him he was the guinea pig.  All of the Boy Scouts lined up below the ropes to support any scout who faltered. 

Evan crossed like a champ.  He has historically been a little afraid of heights. 

After he crossed over and received his new neckerchief, he stood with the other Boy Scouts to offer support. 

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