Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Naomi & Scott's Wedding

March started with two special occasions.  First, our little Mattox turned 3 years old.  Second, his Aunt Naomi married her true love on his birthday.  It was a very special weekend to spend with all of the family.  Love was definitely in the air!

First, we celebrated the happy couple at the rehearsal dinner at a local Mexican restaurant.  I loved Naomi's dress. 

Eddie and I wanted a picture with his sister, but Brody could not be left out. 

Cousin Grady is very excited about his new dad, and Papa James and Grandma were happy too.  Grayson just wanted food. 

The groom was the most excited groom I have ever met.  He wanted everything perfect and did much of the work himself.  Aunts Dava and Homa are always a huge support, and Aunt Dava's best friend Nell played the piano beautifully. 

Some of the special touches at the reception were a popcorn bar, and rustic metal and wood baskets with wedding favors in them.  

Naomi arranged these wildflower centerpieces herself.  I loved her theme of baby blue with burlap and lace.  The corsages were ready. 

Her bouquet was just beautiful. 

The wedding cake was simple and lovely and delicious.  The cupcakes even doubled for Mattox's birthday celebration. 

The groom was ready.  The church is very special as the church Eddie's grandpa pastored for many years at the end of his career.  They got new stained glass windows a few years ago that are just lovely. 

The simple church decor was perfect.  I loved the greenery and burlap and lace bows that the bride made. 

The decor on the piano was dedicated to all of the family who have passed away including Grandma Mattie, Grandpa and Grandma R, Mattie, and many more.  

Rowena, Grandpa, and Aunt Homa waited for the bride.  Aunt Homa stood in for Grandma Mattie. 

Cousin Grady enjoyed his treat for walking down the aisle as ring bearer.  Naomi was walked down the aisle by our dear friend James.  Her father attended the wedding, but he did not walk her down the aisle. 

The couple exchange their vows, and their new family of three perform the special sand ceremony showing they are becoming one.  

The couple is very happy to finally be married.  Papa James and Grandma and Grady were happy too.  Naomi's veil was just gorgeous. 

But these boys steal my heart! 

The wedding attendants and family

The bride and her mother

The bride and her father

Brother and sister

The Bride's family

I just loved that shot of Brody's happy face.  Evan was signing the guest book.  I thought it was a cute and fitting addition to the guest book table that Grady added his transformers.  

I love my handsome big three year old.  I don't know what big brother Brody was doing to him.  The wedding photographer captured these shots. 

Sweet cousins and friends. 

The Bride's whole clan. 

A special uninvited guest showed up to steal the show.  The kids showed him lots of love.  This cute little fellow had a limp from an injured leg and was kind of pitiful but very sweet.  He apparently hangs around the church a lot. 

Four of the most handsome men.  

Eddie and one of his best friends and cousin Jason and the couple with the bride's father and Uncle and Aunt. 

Our little family.  Well, we added one but the more the merrier right? 

Inside, the reception was in full swing with good food and conversation. 

The couple cut the cake and were very neat eating it. 

The special toast.  May they live happily ever after! 

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  1. Oh, I love the flowers! And your dress! And Naomi's dress for the rehearsal! It's just all so beautiful :)

    And it was very nice of Mattox to share his birthday :)


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