Saturday, March 3, 2018

Happy 3rd Birthday, Mattox!

Dear Mattox,

I have been falling behind on writing here lately, but I wanted to do a special birthday letter for you like I did for your brothers because you are so very special to me especially and to all of us.  Three is kind of a momentous year as you officially move from "baby" to big boy.  For you, you have felt like a big boy for a while since you have been a big brother for over a year already.  You are such a wonderful big brother, and your baby brother adores you.  I just love watching the two of you learn and grow and play together.  I can't believe it has been three years since you looked like this:

What a precious rainbow you have been!  You bring color and light and fun into all of our lives.

You are still not very talkative although you can be heard when you want to be.  You just seem to be observing everything around you.  We suspected you were learning language as you understood everything we told you and have always been a great listener and followed instructions well.  You surprise us occasionally when you say something that we know you heard your older brother Brody say.  

Here are some of my favorite memories with you this year:

You looked so handsome and beautiful dressed for church.  Sadly, I know you won't wear outfits like this much longer. 
You love the beach and playing in the sand.  

You love animals and especially your dog, Cocoa.  Cocoa is one of the only names you will say. 

You just have some of the cutest faces and expressions.  I love your big happy giggles and your sweet little smiles. 

You just adore your baby brother.  You would even climb in his crib if he didn't get up early enough in the mornings because you missed him.  He really loves you too. 

Bathtime is always more fun with brothers. 

You love to cook for me like big brother Brody, and you also like to draw and play on big brother's Kindle. 

You really started acting like a big boy and like putting your own shoes on and dressing like your brothers. 

Chick-fil-a is your favorite...especially the ice cream cones. 

But Mellow Mushroom is a close second because you get to make your own pizza and see the big Captain America Minion. 

You loved getting to play putt-putt and bowling. 
You also loved sharing big brother's room and sleeping in your big boy bed. 

You love wearing sunglasses...sometimes upsidedown.  You also got to see a total solar eclipse. 

You love driving anything with wheels! 

You are such a fun and silly boy! 

You love playing, making forts out of blankets or boxes, and riding your horse and rocking lion. 

You like to pretend to be a football player and cowboy. 

You love playing outside even though the bugs can drive you crazy. 

Your number one absolutely favorite thing is BUBBLES!  This will make you talk more than anything.  You remind me of the fish in the tank in "Finding Nemo" that gets so excited about the bubbles.  "Bubble, bubble, my bubble!" 

You love playing with and snuggling with Mommy. 

But you adore your Daddy and are always so happy to see him. 

You still appreciate a good nap and sleeping although you do prefer sleeping in Mommy's and Daddy's bed.  

You loved getting to play in the snow. 

But oh do you have a temper when you don't get your way.  

And you can make the biggest messes!  Flour everywhere! 

And baby powder too! 

You do a good job feeding yourself but sometimes it is just necessary to make a mess. 

You loved getting to sit in the chair with this big cuddly dog at your doctor's office, and you like going down the big slide at Chick-fil-a. 

But the highlight of your year was getting to meet Mickey Mouse.  You were so excited!  

And you have made big progress on potty training.  You have made pee pee and poop in your potty, but you do prefer to do it for Daddy now.  You also prefer going naked instead of wearing underwear.  I suspect we will get the hang of it very soon though.  

We all just love you to pieces, big boy!  You will always be Mommy's special baby boy.  I miss your sweet little babyhood, but I am so excited to watch you grow and see what a wonderful little man you become.  You are so full of love and joy, and you spread it everywhere you go.  I love you to the moon and back to infinity, sweet Mattie-pat!


Your Mommy

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