Thursday, March 1, 2018

February Fun ~ Part 2 {2018}

The second part of February also had its share of fun with our first experience learning to roller skate, fun playdates, evening walks, and our first trip of the year to the beach.  February is like the beginning of Spring here!

Nice sunsets and playing outside together.  Big brothers were getting ready for another baseball season. 

We cooked a whole chicken for dinner so these boys got the wishbone.  I think Brody got the wish. 

Mattox and Grayson got into some baby powder and sprinkled Mattox's whole room with it.  At least it smelled good. 

Daddy and Grayson enjoyed naptime and then we took a walk to the neighborhood pond.  Well, Brody rode his bike. 

Evan graciously helped us push Mattox in the car while Daddy walked Cocoa.  Cocoa is very difficult on the leash so it is impossible to push a baby stroller and hold her leash.  

Cocoa enjoyed going for a swim.  Yes, she does get a bath immediately after these excursions. 

Brody thought he would walk his bike home.  That didn't last long. 

I am not sure what this boy was eating.  Dinner or ice cream maybe? 

I had a ladies' luncheon after church one Sunday.  There are some sweet ladies in our church. 

After our luncheon, Brody got an impromptu playdate with his classmate and church pal, Carter, while his Mom and Dad had to take his big brother to the ER for a bad sport's injury.  He enjoyed playing in the yard and in Mattox's little house. 

Carter liked driving the BMW too while Daddy and Evan were shooting some hoops. 

Lots of car driving. 

Brody and Mattox put a puzzle together.  I do love when they play nicely together.  

Brody loved this new Walking Dead game at a movie theater. 

We took the big boys to see the new Maze Runner movie to finish up the trilogy.  Evan enjoyed it, but it was probably a bit too much for Brody to process.  I think he liked the zombies though. 

I did a few decorating projects.  I finally made some name art for above Grayson's crib.  I already had the wood cookies that had numbers on them which I used in many of his weekly pictures his first year.  I repainted them with letters for his name.  I also got some new art for the living room and laundry room.  I still want a few more things for a gallery wall behind the couch and still need to paint the walls.  Sigh. I also finished repainting the laundry room door with an oil based paint which was glossier than I had wanted but at least it will last. 

Daddy was getting some extra big love from these boys. 

Grayson likes riding the rocking lion we have had since Evan was a toddler when his room was decorated in safari theme.  That fuzzy mane was a problem when Evan was a thumb sucker.  Haha! 

We took the boys skating for the first time.  Evan has been ice skating but not roller skating because we haven't ever had one close to us.  Roller skating rinks seem to be rare these days.  I loved skating as a kid so I wanted my kids to experience it. 

This one is really neat with a castle theme.  It was really dark, but there is a dragon behind Brody.  Evan's best buddy from next door went with us.  I am so thankful he has good friends here. Lee and him look like brothers with light red hair.  Evan is just a few weeks older, but Lee is very tall.  They are both very smart and love sports so it is a match made in heaven for sure.  Lee's younger brother is sweet and adorable too and would have gone with us, but he had other plans. 

Brody and Mattox loved sitting on the thrones in the throne room.  Grayson just loved posing and looking super cute. 

Evan and Lee wasted no time getting on the rink.  The fell a few times, but they just got right back up and were skating pretty well by the end of the night. 

Evan tried the beginners training cart, but he quickly learned it was more trouble than it was worth.  I helped him up when he fell. 

It had been a long time since I got on skates, but I picked it up quick.  I am in much better shape than I was a few years ago when I had severe back issues after pregnancy and long days and nights at work and school.  

It was very dark, but Daddy got a few pictures of me on the rink. 

Brody did well utilizing the training wheels.  

After church on the last Sunday of the month, we decided to go out to Tybee Island to enjoy the nice day.  The water was still cold, but the boys enjoyed playing in the sand. 

Grayson loves digging in the sand. 

I just love watching my boys play. 

Brody was not deterred by the cold water. 

Daddy and I enjoyed a little "relaxing" on the beach while our kids played. I think Mattox may have dumped a little water on Grayson's head.  Haha! 

My little beach bums. 

Evan loves playing soccer on the beach. 

Sweet boys. 

I loved that Grayson's hair was getting longer and starting to curl a little.  

We got some awesome school pictures of these boys.  
Grayson loves napping on Mommy and Daddy. 

Brody gave me a difficult test, and I made a 102!  Go me!  I tried to take pictures of a spooky looking full moon, but a cell phone camera just can't capture it. 

This was from a good sermon one Sunday. 


  1. Arghhhhh -- I had a whole comment and it disappeared :( So frustrating.

    The baby powder reminds me of when Sam's friend put diaper cream on Sam and another friend of theirs. What a mess!

    I never got into the Maze Runner trilogy -- I didn't like the first book and had no motivation to continue. Maybe the movies are better???

    I should look into if we have indoor roller skating here. That brings back so many memories!

    I love how many beach days you guys take. Our closest beaches are about two hours away but we should really make a point to go to one this summer. You're inspiring me :)

    1. Ewww, diaper cream would be so hard to clean vaseline. Haha! I didn't read Maze Runner either but from the movies, I could see it being hard to get into. The first one was okay, but they got crazy after that. Sort of like the Divergent series to me. Haha! We usually drive an hour to get to a good public beach here. Most of the coastline is inaccessible swamps. We either go north to Hilton Head or south to Jekyll Island and St. Simons. It also doubles as our Chick-fil-a lunch date since those areas have better ones than the Savannah ones. 😊 But two hours wouldn't be too bad if the beaches are nice. I prefer decent bath facilities for washing off the sand and changing clothes before driving home.


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