Wednesday, March 21, 2018

An Irish Family

Our family does feel a little Irish on St. Patrick's Day, especially Evan our little red haired leprechaun.  We just love an opportunity to dress in matching clothes and take pictures.  Okay, maybe that is just me.  Ha!  Some of the kids were not so enthusiastic this year.

This time it was Mattox who was not happy. 

Some tickling helped get him in a happier mood. 

And some pictures with Mommy. 

I love my little leprechauns. 

That one on the right is crazy! 

Now, Mattox is feeling more cooperative for sibling pictures. 

And even posed for some special Mommy and me pictures. 

But he wasn't feeling it when big brother Evan joined.  The bugs were beginning to annoy him. 

This sweetie was really beginning to get around on two legs. 

A beautiful lucky baby.  Well, his parents are the lucky ones. 

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