Monday, February 5, 2018

Jocund January {2018}

Well, with some big celebrations this month, I think we can safely say it was pretty "jocund" and cheerful.  Eddie's 40th birthday, our monumental 30 year snowfall, and a festive New Year did make us feel pretty cheerful.  The moments in between were pretty sweet too.

Brody made me a beautiful New Year's drawing with a champagne flute and fireworks. 

Our crazy little snowstorm was a fun adventure to start the month. 

Even NC's coast received some snow.  I loved this picture of the wild horses on the remote Outer Banks playing in the snow.  So beautiful!  
Eddie and I rediscovered our love for this easy meal when he discovered it at our grocery store.  We used to buy chorizo all the time when we first got married because our grocery store carried a good brand.  Apparently, all chorizos are not the same.  We want ours well seasoned and made of pork with not too much fatty pieces, and we like it with some melted cheddar cheese on top in a flour tortilla wrap.  Yum! 

Sometimes playtime with big brother does get a little rough.  It looks like Mattox had Grayson in the choke hold before slamming his head down onto the floor.  Yikes.  He really does love his baby brother.  I think he was trying to hug him, and Grayson threw a fit and hurled himself down to the floor.  He does that a lot.  

These words brought inspiration to me this month.  I need to always remember to count my blessings for getting to raise these four little men.  I pinned that grateful list to my journaling pinterest page to maybe add to my own journal.  

I was proud of Evan for shooting his first deer this year.  Kind of amazing to see snow on the ground in deep south Georgia.  He was a very responsible hunter and made a very clean shot of this little guy so he didn't suffer from his wounds.  We also had the meat processed and used every last piece for some yummy meals.  I had never eaten wild game before so it was a new experience for me, but I wasn't going to "waste" it.  We mostly used it as ground meat in our pasta sauce and other dishes. 

Evan and Daddy went with the men's group at church to play paintball. 

Yep, there was still snow on the ground there too.  What a fun January in the south! 

Brody and I did some science experiments.  He wanted to make the color erupting volcano.  

Using a pipet to get some of the liquid to make his volcano magically erupt. 

Mattox and Grayson were enjoying some much needed naps. 

Grayson just looks so much like Brody when he is napping.  Well, all the time really. 

Mattox enjoys his ice cream cone treat at Chick-fil-a.  

Daddy was trying to teach Mattox to do the wolfpack sign.  

I love my little baby and all of my boys.  We were waiting for our food at lunch after church one Sunday. 

Driving their cars around the yard. 

Evan and Brody worked on their Pinewood Derby cars. 

Grayson and Mattox wanted to join in the fun too but only Mattox threw a fit.  Grayson loves some french fries. 

These boys love hanging out at Lowe's or Home Depot and climbing on the lawn tractors.  Evan has a long history of this. 
A little brother comparison.  Last year, Mattox was such a sweet and doting big brother.  This year, he still really loves little brother, but he does get frustrated with him like when he tries to take the kindle.  Haha!  

I just love watching these two play.  They brought me cookies and shared Brody's kindle.  

I found my new favorite treat at Chick-fil-a...a frosted coffee.  It is just the perfect blend of their coffee and soft ice cream and doesn't need any other additions.  Way less calories than Starbucks too!  I had to post a picture for Sanctity of Human Life Sunday and stand for all of the babies in the womb.  #babieslivesmatter  Yes, my husband does teach me some interesting lessons.  

Mattox likes to make blanket forts.  He covered the top of the little playhouse to hide in it.  He also likes to give little brother rides on the choo choo train. 

Enjoying their lunch.  They both like bread. 

Mattox liked eating at a restaurant with peanuts.  

Brody was curious about the jukebox. He loves music. 

Just playing on Mommy's and Daddy's bed. 

We began a little project to make our laundry room look better.  I had some dark gray latex paint that I used to paint our door to the garage. It looked really nice with a flat texture, but sadly, latex paint will not stick to metal doors.  I tried putting a clearcoat protectant over it, and it just peeled the paint off.  I sanded down the door to repaint, and I kind of liked the chippy paint look.  

We did go back to the store and purchase a dark gray oil based paint for the door, and we painted the laundry room with a nice light blue/gray paint.  Later, I did purchase some laundry room art and got some nice looking baskets to hide the clutter.  I was going to put the laundry detergents in one, but they were too heavy.  One day, I would like to add a wood counter over the washer and dryer, and put nicer shelves and cabinets above it.  New flooring would also be nice. 

Brody and Mattox made their own little art gallery in the hallway.  

Evan received his letter to join the Science Olympiad team.  I completed Grayson's one year picture frame and enjoyed an Elvis Presley peanunt butter and banana sandwich.  Haha!  

We all love our baby Grayson. 

Brody was in a picture taking mood at lunch after church. 

We like to eat at Tijuana Flats because they do kids' eat free on Sundays. Their restaurants have some wild decor and play awesome 80s and 90s music. 

Enjoying their Tex-Mex meals. 

We finished painting Evan's Pinewood Derby purple and black dragon car, and the little boys enjoyed sword fighting. 

Family time on the couch.  We need a bigger couch.  Haha!  

Yes, these boys love falling asleep in Mommy's and Daddy's bed. 

So fun being brothers.  

Just having a blast together. 
Our little old man Brody on his 100th day of school.  He made a cute little old man complete with glasses, gray mustache, and his little bowtie and bowler hat. 

Mattox has become so independent and wants to do everything himself. 

Grayson just wants to eat french fries.  Ha! 

Evan was feeling more photogenic for some pictures with Mattox.  

Brody's church group was learning about music and making a joyful noise unto the Lord.  Haha! 

Mattox traded glasses with little brother so he could wear some cool shades. 

Mommy is the coolest ever when she lets him play with his bubble wand in the house.  Haha! 

Grayson wants to play too. 

I don't think anything has given them more happiness than this Mickey bubble wand.  

Happy baby! 

What a difference a year makes! 

Evan doesn't always want to pose for pictures these days so we couldn't resist a picture with him.  He is getting so big and handsome. 

Mattox just wanted to pose with the Minion.  Yep, Mellow Mushroom again.  We definitely have our "regular" eating places. 

Oh this kid!  He got into the flour and made a lovely mess everywhere. 

Brody ran a low grade fever and stayed home from school one day.  I made him homemade chicken and rice soup which he drinks from a straw. 

Grayson loves bananas! 

Mattox mostly feeds himself his lunch. 

Brody and I finished up reading Charlotte's Web and watched the movie. 

Grayson fell asleep on the couch like this.  Ha!  I felt sentimental wearing my Grandmother's cameo earrings. 

The boys enjoy playing at Mattox's ENT office. 

These boys greet their big brothers at the door when they get home from school. 

Hmmm, I am not sure how I feel about this.  I obviously do act more mature than my husband at times, but I do not think he looks almost 10 years younger than me.  I am happy to still look 26 though.  Haha! 

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  1. Way to go Evan on the first deer!

    I love laundry room make-overs...or any kind of home make-overs.

    I vividly remember thinking about you all when I was watching the weather tracking snow for the Savanah area. :)

    Hope you have a good weekend!


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