Tuesday, February 20, 2018

February Fun ~ Part 1 {2018}

The first of February was filled with potty adventures, warmer days outside, Grandma visits, Super Bowl parties, Harry Potter adventures, Valentine's, and lots of fun days together.  For a short month, it really packed a lot in it so I thought it needed two posts to break it down.

We started the month off with some potty training adventures.  Did our little dinosaur defeat the potty?  Well, let's just say it might take a few months for this stubborn guy. 

Big brother Mattox prepared a nice little picnic for him and little brother, and it was quite healthy too. 

Oh these boys are so much fun!  Grayson can definitely take care of himself. 

There were nice days outside although the trampoline was the safest place to be as our yard was still yucky from the winter. 

Gorgeous blue skies overhead. 

Grayson likes the little trampoline as he learned to stand on his own two feet. 

Watching movies in the car while waiting for Daddy or big brother to go somewhere.  Probably the grocery store for a few quick pick ups.  I laughed at that truck and said that was quintessentially Georgia.  Haha! 

Grandma and Great-Aunt Dava came to visit and played board games with the boys. 

We took them to lunch at one of our favorite local seafood restaurants. 

Daddy and Evan enjoyed a Super Bowl party at church and played their own Madden tournament. 

Eddie and I really didn't care much about who won so we wore our college sweatshirts for Super Bowl night.  Go Meredith and NC State! Evan wore his Panther jersey even if they weren't playing. 

Yes, I did pull for the Eagles because I will likely never pull for the Patriots.  Ever.  I thought this picture on Facebook was a perfect explanation.  Haha!  I also am completely and totally a Xennial which is a very "special" generation born between Generation X and the Millenials.  We definitely deserve our own classification in my opinion.  

Big brothers make a great labor force for pushing his police car for him. 

Sometimes you just need a Wendy's frosty. 

The men's group had Bible study at church, and the older elementary kids had a lock in one night.  

Learning to walk is fun.  He was almost ready to let go. 

Grayson loves his Mickey and his big brother Mattox. 

Cuddling and nap time with Mommy and Daddy. 

Play time at Chick-fil-a. 

I loved all of the Easter decor at Home Goods, but I resisted buying any.  I did really want the gold glitter bunny though.  Sigh.  We did have some Olympic ring doughnuts for the opening night of the Winter Olympics.  That is the only picture I got of any of the Olympics this year.  

Bath time is fun when you have brothers to share it with. 

I found this cute balloon animals set really cheap at TJ Maxx so we made some balloon animals.  I think Grayson is holding a giraffe. 

I taught the preschool class a lesson on Zacchaeus, and Evan taught Grayson to play ball.  

Brody was practicing his spells for a Harry Potter party he was going to.  Mattox finally made some pee pee in the potty!  And I made myself a cute little pink bunny balloon.  It just wouldn't sit right. 

Brody got a special Hogwarts invitation and his Hogwarts Express ticket to go to the party.  We picked out one of these two gifts for the birthday girl.  I think I decided on the friendship bracelets because I liked making them when I was a little girl. 

The Harry Potter party was really awesome even if most of the kids were too young to understand it.  Brody has seen some of the movies with Evan, but he hasn't read the books yet.  He wore Evan's Gryffindor shirt so I am sure the sorting hat sorted him into Gryffindor.  He made his owl which he named  "Listenears" which I don't know where he came up with.  I made him a yummy "butterbeer" concoction by mixing the hot mix they made with some root beer.  It was pretty tasty.  
I had to leave the birthday party early to go to a little baby sprinkle at church for our youth minister's wife who was expecting baby number 3.  It was a cute rustic Lumberjack theme.  

The boys came home on Valentine's Day to Valentine's treats, cards, and homemade heart cookies. 

Brody made me some Valentine art for my frame so he posed with it.  The boys read their cards and checked out their goodies. 

They both got a lot of Valentine treats at school too.  Brody's bag was sweetly decorated with kind words from his classmates. 

Grayson enjoyed his cookie. 

I always fall for those silly Facebook quizzes.  They are just funny sometimes and sometimes just accurate.  I am pretty right wing politically, and I am definitely a true southerner.  My Wall of Love was pretty accurate although Natalie should have been my twin even though my other blog friend Kiki and I are a lot alike too.  My pastor Ryan got protector which seems pretty appropriate for his position.  
Haha!  I am not sure I make a good looking man, and I am not sure I am a "basic white girl" either.  I don't love fuzzy sweaters with sparkles too much.  I guess I do have a Pandora charm bracelet.  

Apparently, I act 55.  Why would it show a picture of Tom Cruise for that?  He acts like a 12 year old kid.  Haha! I guess most Americans are a little privileged at least.  I think I have been blessed with a good life, but I also feel I have experienced a lot more hard things that many people too.  I definitely didn't come from a "comfortable" situation. 

I think this was very true and well-written in the face of senseless tragedies like school shootings and random acts of violence. 

Well, apparently I wasn't supposed to be married until 41.  Oops.  Oooo, I definitely think someone should make my life movie.  Will Smith, Chris Pratt, and Brad Pitt all concur.  Haha! 

I retook this personality type quiz for our church lifegroup.  My type has not changed.  I am the most rare and difficult type.  Extremely introverted but with decently intuitive and observant and thinking and feeling.  Can't get more balanced that that.  

But yes, I am pretty "judging" and "turbulent."  Poor husband.   Thankfully, he is the exact opposite of me. 

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  1. I too love all those Facebook quizzes :)

    We also cheered for the Eagles, although Sam was cheering for the Patriots.

    And we often ran into big trucks like that when we lived in Edmonton. They always seemed ridiculous to me!


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