Wednesday, January 10, 2018

The Snowy Day {2018}

We definitely don't get snow very often here in South Georgia.  The last time this area got a good snowfall was in 1989 so this was a "30 year snow."  Our boys were very happy since they had been told not to expect to ever see snow here.  We did "take credit" for bringing snow here with us from up north since it arrived our first winter here.  We are very good luck when it comes to snow! Here is a special story of our snow day:  
[the words of this story are from the famous children's classic, The Snowy Day, by Ezra Jack Keats]

One winter morning, [Grayson] woke up and looked out the window.  Snow had fallen during the night.  It covered everything as far as he could see. 

After breakfast, he put on his snowsuit and ran outside.  The snow was piled up very high along the street to make a path for walking. 

Well, we only got about an inch, but it was still pretty. 

The house looked pretty in the snow with the Christmas decorations still up.  We almost got a Christmas snow...just one week late. 

These boys were all dressed for a day in the snow. 

It wasn't technically his first snow, but it was more epic. 

Always more fun to share it with brothers. 
Crunch, crunch, crunch, his feet sank into the snow.  He walked with his toes pointing out, like this. He walked with his toes pointing in, like that.  Then he dragged his feet s-l-o-w-l-y to make tracks.  

And he found something sticking out of the snow that made a new track.  It was a stick.  

Or some icicles.
Brody liked collecting icicles.  The creek that separates our backyard from the woods was almost completely frozen.
Yep, making tracks in his BMW. 

 --a stick that was just right for smacking a snow covered tree.

And with his shovel.  Grayson just enjoyed sitting on his snow covered trampoline.
Palm trees and moss draped trees and flowers covered with snow and icicles. 
And poor little trees that succumbed to the heavy ice. 

Down fell the snow - plop!  on top of [Grayson's] head. 

Big brother Evan caused the plopping.

Mommy and her snow baby. 

Our family loves the snow!  

He thought it would be fun to join the big boys in their snowball fight, but he knew he wasn't old enough -- not yet. 

Snowball fight! 

So he made a smiling snowman, 

Our very tiny little snowman with Mr. Potatohead parts. 

and he made angels.  

Evan made his perfect snow angel.  

And just enjoyed rolling around on the snow. 

I attempted to make a snow angel but needed help getting up.  Haha! 
He pretended he was a mountain-climber.  He climbed up a great big tall heaping mountain of snow -- 

and slid all the way down.  

Evan slid down the snow covered slide.  
And Grayson used the sled.
Beautiful sledding baby. 
He picked up a handful of snow -- and another, and still another.  He packed it round and firm and put the snowball in his pocket for tomorrow.  
Brody just wanted to eat it.
Then he went into his warm house.  

We enjoyed our snowcream inside our warm house.  I did manage to fill up a couple of large bowls with the clean snow from on top of Eddie's car and the playhouse since there was a nice layer of ice between the snow and the surfaces. 

He told his mother all about his adventures while she took off his wet socks.  

And he thought and thought and thought about them.  Before he got into bed, he looked in his pocket.  His pocket was empty.  The snowball wasn't there.  He felt very sad.  While he slept, he dreamed that the sun had melted all the snow away.  

The bright sun was beginning to do the job of melting. 

Sadly our tale did not quite end like this:  

But when he woke up his dream was gone.  
The snow was still everywhere.  
New snow was falling! 

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  1. Oh, I LOVE The Snowy Day! What a great way to capture your snow memories. And we forgot to make snow cream this year. Boo.


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