Monday, January 8, 2018

Celebrating Eddie's 40th!

The beginning of our year always starts with celebrations, and I love it!  First, we celebrate the New Year and then we celebrate our favorite dad/husband's birthday.  This year was definitely a big birthday, and I really wanted it to be special for him.  Having a birthday so close to Christmas and in the middle of winter is not always easy.  I wished we could have gotten away and gone somewhere special for his big day, but we were glad to have some family visiting to share the celebration.  We celebrated first on New Year's Day with Eddie's family before they had to go home.  I picked up a yummy Dairy Queen ice cream cake for him.  Later, on Eddie's actual birthday, he requested doughnuts so he had a doughnut cake.  We all just love this man so much and hope he knows how special and important he is! 

The handsome birthday boy. 

He had some special helpers blowing out his candles. Cousin Grady took Mattox's place. 

Making his wish. 

I think it came true. 

I hope this family makes the last 40 years worth it. 

Best Daddy in the world!

A yummy doughnut cake and a new smart watch for tracking his fitness.  He has been doing well keeping up his exercise routine since getting this present.  I think it is excellent motivation. 

Yay for 40! 

I just love "blurry Evan" cheering for Daddy blowing out his candles.  


  1. A very (very very) belated Happy 40th Birthday to Eddie! I LOVE the doughnut cake. Good job!

    With these milestone birthdays I think it can be hard when we don't live up to society's pressure to "celebrate big!" For my 40th we were in the midst of moving and we spent the night at my aunt's house. It was very NOT what I wanted to do but it was what I had to do.

    My friend was going to have a big 40th party on her birthday this coming Saturday but instead she will be at her brother-in-law's funeral. It's things like that which remind me the importance of celebrating the big (and little) milestones with the ones we love, whether we do something "big" or not.

    And I know you know all this. I just needed to ramble, I guess :)

    1. Also, with all my rambling, I totally forgot to say that I LOVE your dress in the family pictures. Oops.


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