Thursday, January 4, 2018

A New Year's Celebration {2018}

This New Year's Eve and Day were a simple affair as has become our custom in the years since we have had young children.  So far, Evan has been the only one to stay up until midnight, but we usually go to bed after toasting in our New Year at 9:00 p.m. with our Brazilian friends in Rio de Janeiro.  We like watching all of the New Year's Eve celebrations from around the world on youtube.  New York definitely isn't the only city putting on a fabulous New Year's show.  Asian cities really know how to celebrate, and Dubai puts on a fabulous fireworks display.  We prefer our simple little tradition of welcoming in the New Year together in our home in our comfy pajamas.  This year, Grandma and cousin Grady joined us.  The boys love getting to sip sweet juice from "fancy glasses" too.   For New Year's Day, I decided instead of trying to find a restaurant that served a traditional New Year's feast, we would just make our own.  It was pretty good!

Facebook gave me this great edit for our picture. 

Just trying to take a selfie since I am rarely in photographs. 

Eddie decided to join me.  I found our 2018 head pieces in the dollar bins at Target and bought the last ones they had which I think was 3.  

We still had our New Year's headpieces from last year so that still worked for Grayson.  And yes, Grayson is also wearing his Santa pajamas.  Haha! 

I love those boys!  I had to tickle Mattox to get him to laugh because he was in a typical 2 year old mood. 

Me and my littlest babies.  Ugh, they are growing up so fast. 

Kissing our babies for New Year's. 

Evan took our picture together with the camera. 

I made Aunt Naomi pose for a picture before she left to hit the bigger New Year's Eve celebration in downtown Savannah with her fiance. 

Toasting with the boys. 

These boys enjoyed their New Year's lunch although I doubt they ate the special vegetables for good luck and money. 

The traditional southern New Year's feast is for good luck through the year.  It includes black eyed peas for coins and luck, collard greens (with vinegar of course) for green money, corn bread, and some form of pork.  We added rice to our meal for those who refuse to eat vegetables.  Uh-hmmm...Eddie!
I thought these were good explanations for the traditional southern feast. 

After the Christmas decorations came down, I put up some minimal New Year's decorations.  The golden banners were still up from Grayson's birthday as I felt they added to our holiday decor nicely.  I added the gold tassel banner on the mantle and a New Year's printable to the frame.  Simple, simple, simple is my game!  I just don't have time or space to constantly be storing and changing out tons of seasonal decor. 

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