Sunday, December 10, 2017

Meeting Santa at Disney

The finale of our Disney adventures really helped us start the Christmas season.  We decided to utilize the Disney photographers and Disney photopass package we had already purchased to get some awesome family photos with Santa.  And like everything at Disney, the Santa was top notch perfection. 

Despite the fact that this Santa was as charming as he could be, Grayson still didn't want to be on his lap.  Hahaha!  So we can add those quintessential "baby hates Santa" pictures to his portfolio.  

Not a happy baby! 

Mommy's got him...that's better.  But now, Brody is putting on his whiney baby act. 

Ugh, Brody.  Can we please get one decent shot with Santa? 

A little better.  I guess we'll take it. 

Oh, Santa is paying attention to him now so he is happy. 

Santa took some time to talk to each child.  

Talking to little brothers.  Mattox was just mesmerized. 

I love Mattox's sweet face as Santa talked to him. 

Thank you, Santa! 

Ho! Ho! Ho!  Merry Christmas! 

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