Monday, December 4, 2017

Celebrating Grayson's 1st Birthday

The weekend of Grayson's birthday, we needed to meet Eddie's mom to pick up Cocoa, our dog, since she stayed with them while we were on vacation.  I decided this would be a good opportunity to celebrate Grayson's birthday together.  We met Eddie's mom and sister's family in Columbia, SC at his Aunt Homa's house since that is a good halfway point.  Aunt Homa was gracious enough to play hostess to us.  We went to eat lunch at a little Mexican restaurant and then went back to Aunt Homa's to eat cupcakes and let Grayson open his presents.  After all of the presents were opened, we made one more stop at the local mall to fulfill our tradition of allowing big brothers to make their baby brother a special teddy bear at Build-a-Bear Workshop.  It was a fun and tiring day, and the boys were exhausted on the drive home.

The only picture I took at the restaurant was a picture of the cousins in front of the Christmas tree. Then, the boys helped Grayson blow out his candle again.  

We didn't have a high chair so Grayson ate his cupcake on the floor in his diaper this time.  He still wasn't terribly interested in putting it in his own mouth. 

We tried to get a family shot.  I took the picture, and Brody had disappeared.  He was not in a photogenic mood the whole day. 

Grayson enjoyed helping open his presents a little. 

His main present from Grandma was a new activity table because our old one had bit the dust after Brody and Mattox.  We had bought Grayson a little set of Disney characters that he could chew on and play with while at Disney so that was his present from us.  Mattox couldn't wait to get his hands on those. 

A somewhat successful photo session with Grandma.  As I said, Brody was not being very cooperative for pictures. 

Our first stop at the mall was the little play area.  The kids needed some play time together.  Grady loves a motorcycle, and Evan still enjoys sitting in these little cars that he is way too big for.   Oh well, let them be little, right? 

Mattox just loves to drive and enjoyed giving his big brothers a ride in his ice cream truck.  Brody had the perfect job of making the ice cream. 

These boys put lots of love into baby brother's teddy bear by kissing his heart. 

Brody enjoyed pumping the fluff into the teddy bear to make him nice and cuddly. 

Mattox gave the little teddy bear a test squeeze. 

They all helped give the teddy bear a good bath and brushing. 

And they picked out an outfit and helped dress him.  The selection was limited to mostly winter clothes so we picked a cute little red sweater.  Since he is a  December bear, I think that is perfect. 

These boys hope their baby brother will always love his Grayson Bear. 

It looks like he will. 

They showed him that it talked when you press his hand.  Each of the boys recorded special I love yous on it.  

Cousin Grady was busy making his own birthday animal.  He chose his favorite Paw Patrol puppy. 

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