Saturday, December 23, 2017

Brody's 1st Grade Adventures

Brody has had a little anxiety about going to school this year, but overall, he is doing much better.  He has really come a long way with his reading and writing skills.  This school is definitely on a more advanced curriculum track, but he actually really loves the more challenging work.  I do think his art and writing abilities are pretty advanced for his age.

Playing a fun counting game with friends. 

Coloring their queens. 

Brody was presenting his bag of items all about himself to introduce himself to his class. 

They have a flexible seating arrangement and can choose to sit on the floor, in chairs, or stand.  I think they rotate every week. 

Brody is such a sweet listener. 

Apparently, he enjoys reading in a box. 

A class photo on the playground.  It was his pal Carter's birthday. 

Free time putting puzzles together. 

I think they were making a pizza with sight words. 

Journal time. 

A special treat day. 

I wish I had pictures of his field trip to the farm, but he did a great job writing about his trip.  

The boys really wanted to go to this fun Fall event at school.  Their classes had all made these fun scarecrows to "auction" off in a silent auction.  Brody's class made the Incredible Hulk. 

A cheerleader

I liked this Monster's Inc. one. 

The boys liked the football player.

We all went inside the cafeteria for some popcorn and a movie. 

We watched Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin on the big screen.  It was too loud to actually hear the movie though. 

I love my big boy. 

And these guys too. 

The Charlie Brown scarecrow was the blue ribbon winner. 

I liked this Big Bad Wolf and the three little pigs. 
I found these glasses for their teacher gifts back in the summer on sale at Kirkland's and filled them with chocolate. 

Brody had his picture made with Santa.  Evan also had his picture made and lost his picture somewhere on the way home.  Sigh. 

Brody's class made fun waffle cone Christmas trees for their Christmas celebration. 
I tried to help him make his Christmas tree more level.  It was the leaning tower of Christmas.  Haha! 

Then, he decorated it by himself. 

He didn't want to eat his lovely creation. 

He was very excited for me to open my special present from him. 

He decorated the bag too. 

A beautiful one-of-a-kind piece of art from my little artist.  

He wanted to take a picture with his teacher before we left for Christmas break. 

He wanted a picture by his school Christmas tree.  Guess who was Santa? 

I love my little man!  He is really making an impression at school too.  Even his principal seems to know he is a special friend with a big loving heart. 


  1. Wow...he is doing great. First grade is so much fun. It has been exciting to see Lance starting to read too. :)

    1. Reading has definitely been our biggest struggle, but we are seeing good progress. It is amazing when it finally "clicks."


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