Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Our Disney Trip 2017: A Magical Night at Magic Kingdom

Is anything more spectacular than a night at Disney?  The fireworks alone are breathtaking.  The new show transforming the castle into beautiful pictures from Disney movies set to a beautifully orchestrated arrangement of Disney music is just amazing.  It really was the perfect ending to a perfect day.
Pictures in front of the castle at night were a must.  Sadly, most of our boys were sleeping in the stroller.  

Evan got his picture made in front of the castle. 

We had to recreate this memory from 2012.  Yep, this time a sleeping Grayson joined us. 

The castle looked like it was dripping with icicles or diamonds and changed color.  I loved the beautiful turquoise in the middle although the picture doesn't do it justice. 
Happily Ever After Fireworks and Once Upon A Time Castle Projection Show

The castle was magically transformed into the other beautiful castles from the Disney movies.  I think this was Rapunzel's castle maybe. 

It projected the characters and stories onto the castle.  I can see Merida on this one with her flaming red hair.  It was easier to see the changing pictures in person. 

A gorgeous purple and gold castle.  Crazy that all of those details were just a projection, right? 

The finale!

The park stayed open late that night so Evan and I decided to try to ride one more ride.  Some of the rides had already closed, but we got to ride the beautiful and classic "It's A Small World" ride which is a journey by boat around the world to see animatronic characters dancing to the song.  I didn't know that some of this was a special overlay they do for the holidays.  I thought it had been redone permanently and loved it.  

We passed through Europe and spotted Germany and the the Eiffel Tower in Paris. 

Next, we saw Scotland, Ireland, Spain (Don Quixote fighting his windmill foe), and Venice, Italy. 

We traveled around to Pisa, Italy, the acropolis in Greece, and the Taj Majal in India. 

Pagoda style buildings in Asia. 

The Egyptian pyramid and sphinx, a trip on the Nile River, an African safari, and some cute penguins in Antarctica. 

Then, we journeyed over to South America and the volcanic islands of Hawaii. 

South Pacific dancers and then a quick trip to Australia. 

The beautiful ending of all the earth's kids playing together at a big carnival with a carousel and ferris wheel. 

A special memory with my oldest son. He probably won't enjoy riding rides like this with mom much longer.  
I just love the look of all the bunches of Mickey ear balloons.  Some of them lit up in the dark.  The storefront windows of Mainstreet USA  just made me think of Christmases of years past.  

On the way out, we enjoyed seeing the big tree lit up and one last look at the gorgeous wintry castle.  Goodbye, Magic Kingdom! 

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  1. Okay, so I don't know that I'm a big Disney parks person but this is really making me want to go. And at Christmas too!

    This year my parents have already let me know that there's a very good chance they will be out of the country at Christmas so we're on our own. I've been trying to think of ways to do Christmas as just us four, without me getting too sad about it. Maybe we should head to Disney??? :)


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