Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Offenceless October {2017}

Yes, yes, I am really reaching for O adjectives that describe October.  Since October brings us more enjoyable weather with less of the pesky southern bugs, I think it is definitely a less offensive month.  Even though we really didn't see much fall like weather because the leaves do not start changing color until December here, it did start to cool down some later in the month to make it more enjoyable to spend time outdoors.  We also enjoyed some fun fall festivities through our church and other local activities.  We also missed some pretty big events this year that we hope to enjoy in years to come.  Our town actually hosts a pretty big event called The Ogeechee Seafood Festival that draws crowds from all around the state and country to taste great seafood and enjoy a carnival style event.  It is the closest thing our region has to a county or state fair so we were disappointed to miss it this year because of a Cub Scout camping trip.  Oh well, I have a feeling we will have many more years to enjoy that.

Getting the house ready for Fall!  

We kicked off the month with a cute fall themed birthday party for Mattox's best buddy, Rhyland, from church.  Rhyland turned 3. 

Rhyland and Mattox enjoyed playing together on the playground equipment. 

Rhyland's fun grandmother enjoyed sliding with them. 

Rhyland's mom made an adorable pumpkin cake and cupcakes and lots of pumpkin treats. 

She is also very crafty and cut out and painted these cute wooden photo props for the "pumpkin patch."  

Rhyland driving his tractor. 

Mattox and Brody were playing pumpkin putt putt. 

The boys were enjoying knocking over the "pumpkins" which were orange wrapped toilet paper rolls. Grayson said it was just too hot outside for him. 

Rhyland and his parents during the birthday song. 

Mattox just loved running around outside. 

Brody was a great encourager for Rhyland while he painted his pumpkin. 

Just taking a selfie in the car after church because I am never in many pictures when I am actually dressed up with my hair and makeup done. I was comparing myself with and without the glasses.  I just think I look weird now without glasses because I have worn them so long. 

We ate dinner outside at our favorite local restaurant, Fish Tales, which is located at the mouth of the river where it flows out into the ocean.  We had a Cub Scout meeting after lunch.  Grayson likes to pull on my earrings. 

Grayson just being cute playing and napping. 

He loves playing in the bathroom...and getting into stuff.  Mattox likes drawing on the magnet doodle pad. 

My sweet little firetruck and fireman, and my sweet little look-a-likes, Brody and Grayson, asleep together. 

This little stinker!!!  He was in big trouble after I found that he had climbed up on the counter to stab holes in a whole bunch of bananas and then had climbed up on the washing machine to open a new bottle of fabric softener and spill it.  It is usually sitting up on the shelf, but it was a new bottle that hadn't gotten put up yet.  Sigh. 

We watched our resident artist paint a beautiful masterpiece of a church at sunset. 

Oh this kid!  Brody loved watching Spookley the Square Pumpkin all month on the Disney channel, and he decided he wanted to be the scarecrow while eating at Bojangles.  Haha! 
I thought my Mom Bingo card on facebook was pretty impressive.  I probably could check co-slept just because the kids do like to come and sleep in our bed, but Eddie is pretty good about putting them back in their beds.  I think all parents deal with this.  I am okay with never having a c-section or a drug free labor or a water birth.  And twins...that is okay too.  I am just fine with one at a time.  But yeah, I did get that result on another facebook quiz of what will happen to me in 2018.  Yikes!  Doesn't it know I already have 4 boys?  

Yep, I am the elusive INFJ that makes up 1 to 2 percent of the population, and yes, I can be very sensitive and complex.  Just ask my poor husband!  Oh and I guess I should go get my Ph.D since I apparently know so much about science.  Haha! By the way, I am TERRIBLE at science.  

I just wanted to keep this information for my own personal record. 

Further explanation of my results.  Yep, I am extremely introverted and very turbulent.  I am pretty crazy.  Haha!  I actually don't think I am that observant as I often miss small details and can never remember enough to describe how a person looked when I encountered them a short time ago.  I can barely remember what I wore yesterday! 

My sweet, sweet baby.  Yes, he will probably be very turbulent too.  Poor guy! 

These two just love "playing" with Cocoa.  

They have so much fun together, and I am so thankful they have one another. 

These boys love making their own pizzas at Mellow Mushroom kids' night. 

Evan loves adding mushrooms to his.  He is the biggest fan of mushrooms. 

Mattox is very excited for pizza. 

Awe, my little Grayson has done a lot of growing in a year.  He is still just as pretty. 

Two of the cutest, sweetest, snuggliest babies in the world. 

Fall around here just means I need my humidifier even more at night.  I like making my own frothy cafe mochas. Usually I just use pure chocolate syrup and whipped cream. 

Mattox introduced Grayson to his old singing puppy.  He also rode the old rocking lion that hasn't really been played with much since Evan was a baby.  I don't know why.  We all enjoy listening to Brody read to us. 

We always enjoy eating Mexican food. 

Evan and Brody dressed for 50s day at school on the 50th day of school for the year. I just rolled up their pants and shirt sleeves and slicked their hair back. 

Evan and his best pal, Justin, had a fun playdate after church. 

One of my church lady friends sent me this picture of Grayson flirting with a little girl during Bible study. 

We enjoyed some evening walks at our local park while Evan had football practice. It has a nice large pond/lake with a walking trail around it.  Mattox also enjoyed finding some fun Halloween decorations. 

It was a beautiful evening. 

The big boys wanted to eat outside at Chick-fil-a for lunch so they ate at a table right outside the window from us.  Mattox was jealous. 
Trying to get pictures of my sweet little boys in their matching dinosaur shirts. 

And all of my sweet boys in their dinosaur shirts.  We love dinosaurs! 

Picture taking is not always an easy feat.  Grayson was not very happy. 

Brody wanted to help feed Grayson at dinner. 

And Mattox was feeling particularly photogenic and cute. He really looks like Evan in the bottom left picture. 

Funny pictures to pass the time at a doctor appointment. 

Mattox was having his eyes dilated.  Yikes to those pictures of me and Brody. 

The younger boys and I enjoyed a little time at the playground while Daddy and the big boys were camping out. Mattox really loved this merry-go-round, and sadly, it was recently removed and replaced with all new playground equipment.  It was too rusted to be saved. 

I love playing with my boys. 

There was also a neat old see-saw that was removed as well.  Sigh.  The new playground equipment is really nice though. 

Mattox and I just enjoyed sitting by the pond on this nice breezy day with no bugs.  

He, of course, enjoyed throwing sticks in the water. 

These little boys have so many special times together.  They play with their tools together and sit on the couch and watch television.  Grayson learned to pull up on the furniture this month. 

We bought Evan a new suit that could pull double duty as his Halloween costume.  He could have gone as a Men in Black agent, but he was wearing it with his Silence mask because the Silence from Doctor Who wear black suits and ties. 

We received a bunch of new books from the boys' scholastic sale.  Evan got a whole stack of prize winning books, and I started the Lunar Chronicles series. 

I just found this information so fascinating.  Evan and I have a real appreciation for mummies and have seen several at Discovery Place in Charlotte and at the Smithsonian.  But this one has to be the most touching and saddest.  How amazing that someone preserved and honored their precious baby lost to a miscarriage by giving them this special burial!   Yes, I often screenshot and save articles and pictures that I want to remember now.  

Mattox and Grayson tried on the Mickey ears in preparation for our upcoming trip to Disney World. 

Mattox and I had a little playdate with Rhyland for breakfast at Chick-fil-a.  They made a new friend in the playplace who really liked Rhyland. 

They followed him up the slide.  Kids always love going up the slide, right?

After a little shopping, I took the boys to eat at Panda Express.  I still don't know who our welcome visitor was. 

Brody and Evan dressed for career day as a professional baseball player and a chef.  Thank goodness we already had these costumes. 

In our new car search, Mattox really liked this Jeep Wrangler which was fully loaded with a nice pricetag.  Definitely out of our price range and not big enough for our family. 

I enjoyed reading the first book in the Nicholas Flamel series.  Evan read the entire six or seven book series.  Brody enjoyed becoming a Dalek for Halloween.  I am not sure how Mattox felt about eating breakfast with the most evil creature in the universe.  Haha! 

Mattox and Rhyland love playing in the gaga ball pit at church.  Mostly, they like playing in the dirt.  

There are definitely days when I feel this way about being an adult.  Our associate pastor's message was nice encouragement on those rough days. 

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