Saturday, November 11, 2017

Grayson's 11th Month

Pumpkins and Halloween!  What a fun month for you! 

Size:  We will not go back to the doctor until you are one year old.  Yikes, less than a month to go.  How did that happen?  We suspect you are over 20 lbs. now.  You have still been wearing size 3 diapers although you wet out of them a lot more now so we think it might be time to move up a size.  You wear mostly12 month clothes and can fill out some 18 month clothes too.  

Developmental Accomplishments:  Crawling everywhere!  You have pulled up holding onto me and love climbing although you haven't started cruising yet.  This is a bigger house with more open spaces so you mostly crawl everywhere.  You  still love bath time with big brother Mattox and love splashing in the water.   You love banging toys together or clapping to make noise but are generally still a quiet boy while playing so I often have to come and find you when I can't hear you.    You are babbling more but still mostly say "mamamamama"  a lot.  You got another tooth on the top right for a total of five teeth.  The separation anxiety and stranger anxiety has decreased a little as you have started going to church nursery with Mattox on Wednesday nights.  You like the teacher and like crawling around and exploring.  You don't mind playing alone in a room as much now and don't cry as much when I need to leave the room.  Mattox is really loving you more now although he does get a little rough sometimes and has tried to run you over with his car or sit on you.  Ha!  But he really does love you.  You also love cords and my computer which makes it really difficult to get any work done.  You are just a sweet little mess!
Sleeping:  You have been sleeping in your crib in your room, but you do sometimes wake up for more milk or because you are really wet.  When you do finally go down for the night, you often wet out of your diaper because you like to turn yourself onto your tummy to sleep.   

Eating:  You have still been doing well eating, and we are still chugging away at breast feeding which I am thankful for.  You still refuse to take a bottle so you get about four to five breast feedings a day.   You still really love eating solids and have really been doing well with every food you have tried.  You still eat mostly mixed combination meals with a fruit and oatmeal or yogurt combination for breakfast, a vegetable and meat combination for lunch, and a meat and vegetable combination for dinner.  You have now tried avocados, peas, squash, apples, pears, bananas, sweet potatoes, peaches, green beans, broccoli, white potatoes, mangoes, butternut squash, and ground beef.   You like white potatoes mixed with a green vegetable like peas, green beans, or broccoli.  You eat a chicken puree mixed with an orange vegetable like sweet potatoes, butternut squash, or carrots. You have also had a little taste of ice cream and even your first Chick-fil-a kids' meal with some grilled nuggets cut up for you and apple sauce.  Your new favorite food this month was pasta.  You ate some of our pasta with meat sauce and loved it.  We use veggie pasta and just cut yours up really small.  You had no problems with the meat in the sauce.  

Teeth:  You have five teeth with two on the bottom and three on the top. 

Favorites:  Mommy; Cocoa (your dog); food; when Daddy gets home from work; playing with your big brothers; blocks to bang together; cars; cups or bowls that have food or drink in them that you try to grab; bath time and splashing in the water

Nicknames:  Grayson Payson (goes with Evan Pevin, Brody Pody, Mattox Pattox), Gray Pay, Gray Gray, Baby Goo (because he is just a little gooey sweet mess)

{More pictures coming soon}

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