Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Evan's Last Year of Cub Scouts

Sadly, Evan started his last year of Cub Scouts this year.  Although he has had to change troops three times because of our moves, he has really experienced a lot through the Cub Scouts.  I think it has been a great bonding experience for him and his dad too.  They have enjoyed their camping experiences a lot over the years.  Our last Cub Scout troop was very active, and Evan was able to accomplish a lot with that troop.  This year with his new troop has been pretty slow in comparison, and his new troop does not seem to be as active.  After he crosses over into Boy Scouts, we will see if he wants to continue his journey.  Most of the Boy Scout activities will be pretty independent and do require a lot more of his time and commitment, and I know sports and academics are also pretty important parts of his life so we will see what he decides.

Evan had the important job of carrying the troop flag on the first big pack meeting of the year.  

He really enjoys helping at little brother's meetings.  He found a neat feather while exploring. 

If he stays in the Boy Scouts, he will have to wear the full outfit.  His current shirt will still be used in Boy Scouts, but he will have to wear green pants or shorts and socks too.  He was lined up to receive some more awards for some accomplishments on the first camping trip of the year. 

This kid is truly a well-rounded person and enjoys just about everything he tries.  He loves shooting guns and bows and arrows and playing chess and doing more academic activities. I tell him all the time he was just the "perfect" first son because he has truly shown us how awesome boys can be. 

He enjoyed having little brother join him on some camping trips this year. 

The first camping trip of the year was in August for a special campout with the Boy Scouts to learn how to be a Boy Scout.  They split up into Boy Scout patrols and learned how to camp on their own.  It was so hot to camp outdoors in South Georgia in August.  Daddy made them a "redneck" air conditioner for the tent with a foam cooler, ice, and a fan.  Evan also practiced his knot tying skills. 

They were camping just down the road from us at Fort McAllister State Park which was one of many earthen forts in the area to protect Savannah during the Civil War.  It is located at the mouth of the Ogeechee River. 

It was so hot that Evan was thankful the fort's gift shop sold ice cream.  They also made pizza and some desserts for dinner. 

Hanging out after dark with flashlights, helping one another put up tents, and playing chess.

Evan taught little brother how to sell popcorn, and Evan received more awards at the last big pack meeting. 

The troop camped out again this weekend, but we couldn't make it for the whole weekend.  We went for the activities during the day.  Evan's pal, Blake, was an overachiever carrying this big log when they were supposed to gather firewood so Evan helped him.  They also attempted to start a fire with different techniques and tools like flint and a piece of glass.  They also made dutch oven apple pies for the troop.  

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