Friday, December 22, 2017

Evan's 5th Grade Adventures

Evan has really been enjoying his last year of elementary school and has made some great new friends at his new school.  He was in the same class with most of the same kids last year so that has helped a lot.  He was really excited to finally get to go on a little fieldtrip because he had missed out on field trips last year because of our move.  This kid just loves going to school, and I never have to drag him out of bed to go.  Now Brody is a completely different story.  Ha!

Evan's fun class

They had a fun day making cells with sweet treats. 

I love Evan's face here right in the middle. 

Making some STEM project with candy corn and toothpicks. 

Fun Halloween treats. 

I think he was reading to some younger students who were having pajama day. 
For their Fall field trip, they visited a local farm. 

Obviously, they loved running in this big hayfield. 

That is him running by the hay bales. 

Looking at the chicken coop. 

And the other barn animals. 

It was a cattle farm with lots of cattle. 

And pigs too. 

A little play time before they head back to school. 
On the last day before Christmas break, they had a fun "party day" with a ton of treats and little gifts.  He was giving one of his teachers their present here. 

He made a cool crystal ornament. 
Getting ready to enjoy their feast. 

Evan and his pals preferred sitting at the computer tables to eat. 

They played some fun games.  He was supposed to be drawing what the teacher instructed them without looking at it. 

It was a crazy class. 

Another game where they competed in teams to pass the candy cane without touching or dropping it. 

Evan and his best pal, Tyler, checking out their goodies. 

I just love watching Evan playing with his friends.  He tends to try to act to "grown up" and mature most of the time so I like seeing him let loose and just being a kid. 

I love watching him laughing.  I don't know what was so funny. 

When I glimpse his big happy grins, I see his Daddy's big smile that I love. 

Evan and his other best school pal, Porter. 

Mattox and Grayson enjoyed watching the action. 

Evan's school and football team pal, Gabe, is a great big brother too and has really young siblings like Evan's.  He loved playing with Grayson. 

Mattox and Grayson hanging out with the big kids. 

But Evan and his pals always end up on the computers playing games.  He is my little computer gaming geek.  Haha! 

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