Monday, November 13, 2017

Brody's Soccer Season 2017

Brody had another progressive and successful year of soccer this fall.  Daddy got "volunteered" to be coach.  Actually, the email was addressed to me, but he kindly took my place on the field and did an outstanding job.  The little ones and I braved the horrible mosquitoes to watch most of the games and cheer for our boys.  Brody played for a team with our town's recreation department.  All of the teams had the same jerseys and would wear either silver or navy depending on whether they were designated home or away.  We had a solid little team although scores weren't kept officially.  Brody only got one goal in his very first game this season, but mostly he preferred to pass to his teammates and play a more defensive role.  He did a great job keeping up and really ran hard and fast.  Every year of sports seems to bring much improvement in him so we are glad to see him putting forth more effort and increasing his skills. I just love watching my boys progress in sports and learn important lessons about teamwork and good sportsmanship!

I made photo collages again for all of the players on Brody's team so they would have something to remember the season since they don't get trophies or medals here.  Coach Daddy named the team the Hurricanes. 

Brody really went man to man for the ball this year. 

He really loved being the goalie, but I think that was mostly to get a break from running.  Haha! 

The team always ends the game with high fives with the other team. 

They also enjoyed a little huddle with Coach and a team cheer. 

Brody ran hard and kept up with his teammates. 

Go #5!

He enjoys his water break on the sidelines with Daddy. 

The afternoon sun was often pretty bright on the field, but I love the shot of Daddy coaching the team in a huddle. 

Brody enjoyed passing out snacks to his teammates too. 

Getting encouragement from Coach always helps. 

He is so handsome on the field. 

Our toughest game was against a team from a neighboring town.  I think their players were about 2 years older than our kids and way bigger.  I am not sure how they got matched with our team.  Some of them also had some bad sportsmanship, but our kids made us proud. 

Yay, Hurricanes!  What a great season! 

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