Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Brody is a Tiger!

Brody started his Cub Scout journey this Fall.  I am thankful that he and Evan get one year of doing Cub Scouts together.  Evan actually missed out on being a tiger as he didn't start Cub Scouts until his second grade year as a wolf.  I don't know how long Brody will pursue Cub Scouts, but I am glad he is getting some special time with Daddy and big brother through these experiences.  Big brother will have the option of continuing on with the Boy Scouts next year, but he isn't really sure if he will do so yet.  Sports and academics take up so much of his time, and I just want him to pursue what he enjoys the most without being too overscheduled.  He wants to play ALL THE SPORTS, but we will have to limit him a little there.  Evan's new Cub Scout troop hasn't been very active, but he has enjoyed helping out at Brody's meetings.  The main focus of his troop has been preparing for entering the Boy Scouts and making sure they have accomplished all of their works before they "cross over" into Boy Scouts.  He has already fulfilled his requirements so there really isn't much for him to do.  It has been hard for him to bond with a new troop after changing troops twice before and really being very close to some of his old Cub Scout friends.  I hope that Brody will have the time to bond with his troop buddies if he stays involved for the next few years.  So far, Brody has enjoyed all of the meetings and activities, and he will have some more fun events like the Pinewood Derby in the Spring. 

For his first meeting, the new Tigers needed to learn their Cub Scout mottos, salute, and duties.  Big brother Evan, a Webelo 2 Arrow of Light, and his pal Caden, a first year Boy Scout, helped. Caden's dad is the Pack leader, and they also go to our church. 

Brody listened well as they recited the Cub Scout list of duties.  There are a lot and many are very big words for first graders...like reverent. 

The troop got an ice cream treat after the meeting. 

They learned the Cub Scout two finger salute that is like wolf ears, and they had a little race to see which team could all run and give the salute to one of the big boys.  It was like a relay race. 

At his next troop meeting, they were learning about the outdoors and searched for living things in the grass. 

They also built birdhouses.  Brody loves doing hands-on projects with Daddy. 

He is very proud of his birdhouse. 

He finally got his full uniform and looked so grown up giving his salute. 

The boys learned what it meant to be a tiger and then played some games to help learn to work together as a group. 

Brody received his first activity pin. 

They explored the natural area around the church where we meet.  There is a little pond with a covered bridge over it, and the boys found a huge spider web.  Brody loved climbing the wood pile. 

At the big pack meeting, Brody was given his first badge which is his Bobcat badge.  This patch is worn upside down until the boys finish their first year goals so the Pack leader asks them if they want to have their patch put on upside down or if they want to be turned upside down to make it more fun.  Brody chose to be upside down.  

Mattox thought big brother was so funny. 

The Tiger den had to put on a skit for the whole Pack.  

These two rowdy little brothers did not want to be still. 

Brody's first official campout with the Cub Scouts was the annual Halloween campout.  He enjoyed getting to go camping with his big brother.  Daddy even bought a bigger tent to fit them all.  One day, we will all go together.  Brody enjoyed crossing the rope bridge. 

He was also a good shot with the bow and arrows. 

Our big boys showing off their shooting targets. 

Brody loved getting to shoot a gun for the first time and eating some camp food.  They also wore their costumes for a little Halloween fun.  The older boys walked through a scary haunted trail that night while the younger boys enjoyed a less scary trail. 

They boys made scary scarecrows.  There were hundreds of Cub Scouts at this big camping event. The sunset over the lake was pretty.  

Brody and Daddy enjoyed the Not So Haunted trail.  Brody was twirling his light stick and hit himself in the head.  Haha! 

The boys worked on their building skills by building structures out of marshmallows and spaghetti noodles.  They were competing with other groups for whose was the tallest.  Ours was close. 

These boys were proud of their structure. 

They had some free time to invent a new game with hula hoops, a ball, and pool noodles. 

Daddy did not want to do the next campout because we had some other events that weekend, but the boys went to the meeting for the day.  Brody enjoyed going on a little hike with his troop. 

Off they go. 

My handsome little Cub Scout.  He actually won a little prize in a pack drawing they were doing and was so excited.  Lucky kid! 

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