Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Playing Putt Putt on Pirate's Island {Hilton Head}

Anyone who knows us well knows that our boys love playing putt putt.  We all miss our many summer vacations in Myrtle Beach where we play tons and tons of awesome putt putt courses.  The sheer variety of putt putt themed courses will blow you away.  We are way overdo for another visit to MB, but for now, our boys were just longing for some putt putt.  Hilton Head Island only has two putt putt courses.  We played one earler this year, and the boys were begging to try the pirate one.  They also love pirates!  So one weekend as a reward for being good and patient children while we were doing the dreadful task of car shopping, we decided to play pirate putt putt on the way home.  Our car shopping had not yet been successful so we needed something to cheer us up. 

This course was very well designed with lots of fun things to see and do. 

Oops, these two mischievous boys ended up in the stockade. 

And so did Evan, but he broke free to play some golf. 

I really only showed him how to hit the ball, and he took over from there.  We have another putt putt lover in the house! 

Brody sank his putt in the hole! 

Awe, poor Mommy!  I was put in the stocks for being a terrible golfer.  Ha! 

Well, I think I put Evan in there for winning.  I am a sore loser.  Haha! 

Paying tribute to our poor pirate friend, Bartholomew Roberts, who had to walk the plank.  

Daddy and Mattox sank his ball in the hole. 

Ooops, Brody ended up in the rough. 

Evan is the putt putt champ.  He has many years of experience. 

Mattox tried to crawl through this little hole to get to Daddy. 

My boys just having fun. 

Grayson was not too thrilled about having to sit in the stroller.  He wanted to whack someone with that club.  I don't know what Mattox's problem was.  Maybe Grayson did whack him. 

Trying out the cannon.  Maybe Evan thought it would shoot out his golf ball. 

Silly boys. 

I think Brody got a hole in one.  That is our traditional hole in one pose.  Mattox enjoyed petting the pig and sheep cargo on the pirate ship. 

The course looked cool at night.  Apparently one of the pirates had taken a swim in the water tower and couldn't get out so he had turned into a skeleton. 

The boys enjoyed the pirate cave and were checking on a prisoner in the cell.  

Finally, the boys said goodbye to their pirate friends...or see ya later because they promise to come back soon. 

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  1. Awww... this reminds me of when we played this same course, almost three years ago. We really need to get back your way.


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