Friday, September 1, 2017

Grayson's 9 Month Pictures & Family Pictures 2017

Anyone who knows me knows I love our family portraits.  With each new baby we add to our family, we love adding new family pictures with them.  In 2007, we started our collection with Evan's pictures we had taken by our wedding photographer when he was less than 3 months old and then we had additional pictures taken at about six months old by our favorite Charlotte photographer.  With Brody, we returned to the Charlotte photographer when he was over 3 months old so that we could combine the "newborn" style photos with the older smiling baby pictures.  For Mattox, we had moved to a new town, and with three children, we decided to save money by attempting to take our own family pictures.  We learned a lot from that experience.  Namely, taking pictures of three children is hard work.  I wanted the pictures to be similar in style to the classic natural light pictures we loved from our old Charlotte photographer.  I think these pictures will have lasting quality and style.  These new and fun photographers with all of their silly and cute props are so cute, but I just love the look of classic portraits.  With another move and another new baby added, we wanted to get our new family pictures taken this summer when Grayson was closer to six months old to get the shots we loved like his brothers'.  However, we could just never seem to find a good time to dedicate to the task.  Finally, I insisted that we try last weekend which ended up taking an entire morning to complete the session.  The weather and lighting here has not been very cooperative with lots of cloudy and rainy days, but we did our best to make it work.  I think we will all treasure these pictures with our sweet Grayson in the years ahead.

The blanket picture is quite possibly my favorite shot that just happened by chance.  He just decided to hold the blanket up and I happened to snap the picture at the right time.  

Mommy adores this little guy.  Can you tell? 

I know the picture on the left is washed out so we wouldn't use that in our printed portraits, but I just love how Grayson is laughing with big brother Brody. 

Sweet big brother kisses. 

More sweet big brother kisses from Mattox. 

Love these shots of the boys together.  Grayson started it because he is always rolling over now onto his belly.  

Daddy joined the crew. 

Brody the silly clown climbed on Daddy's back. 

My sweet boys! 


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