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Amusing August {2017}

August in the south is usually hot, humid, and not always pleasant.  It was pretty hot this year, but we also had a lot of rainy days and some evenings weren't too unpleasant.  It was a low key month for the most part after the boys started back to school, and we got back into the school routine. 

We started the month with some sparklers on the back porch.  We had not really had a chance to play with them back in July after the 4th. 

Ice cream and sparklers in his Christmas pajamas in August.  This kid is a mess. 

Baby Grayson wasn't too sure about the sparklers. 

Brody and fireworks could definitely be a dangerous combination.  He is a firework! 
Crazy kid!

Daddy helping Mattox with his sparkler. 
Big kid in a baby swing.   Just silliness all the time around here.

Hanging out together in the living room, and I was trying to understand how Evan got a couch to himself while the rest of us were all crammed together on one.  Haha! 

Evan is a fun big brother, and Mattox still loves falling asleep on the floor.  Yep, he has plumber crack.  Ha!

We all enjoy dining at Moe's Southwest Grill.  Mattox and I share a bowl. 

Grayson is just happy to get fed.  He was still enjoying his own yummy food. 

Ice cream is their favorite part of dining at Chick-fil-a. 

On their last week of summer break, we met Daddy for lunch at the new Chick-fil-a closer to his work and a good halfway point between home and his work. 

The boys and I were sitting in the car watching a movie...probably to escape the bugs at big brother's football practice.  

I don't know what Mattox's grumpy face was about.  He was hanging out in the big brother's room watching him play a video game. 

The boys and I enjoying a trip to McAllister's Deli.  

We really didn't enjoy as much pool time as we would have liked do to a very rainy summer, but we had to go one more time before the kids were back in school. Mattox enjoys splashing Daddy. 

The only baby friendly area in this pool is the steps so Grayson enjoys sitting in the water with mommy. 

Mommy's turn to play with Mattox and work on his swimming lessons. 

Evan wanted to work on his diving abilities. 

Grayson and I sitting by the pool watching the other boys playing. 

These two fighting over the float. 

Sniff.  Always sad to see another summer come to an end.  Of course, we still had plenty of summer weekends left, but this was the last one before the boys started back to school. 

Oh, Brody.  He loves making silly videos of himself on my phone and sings the silliest songs.  He really does have a fascination with jewelry and loves my jewelry box. 

We had to make a trip to Target which is located in a mall with a Bass Pro Shop so the boys wanted to visit. 

They received a free fidget spinner and were just mesmerized by it.  I do not get the fascination with these things although I have a pin on pinterest board that reminded me how we used to make our own fidget spinners in school with a pencil and a ruler.  Haha!  The boys always love the giant fish tanks in the store. 

It looks like Brody is in the tank with the fish that is coming towards Mattox. 

This little mall has a fun play area that is modeled after Downtown Savannah, and the boys loved playing on the soft play equipment. 

Mattox liked the little slide that came out of the building. 

Evan and Mattox were sitting on a replica of the riverboat we saw in downtown Savannah on the river.  

Riding on a giant duck. 

And then it was back to school time.  The school really did it right and laid out the red "carpet" for the kids and had Mr. Incredible to welcome them back. 
The boys enjoyed dinner at Mellow Mushroom and making their own pizza after a good first day of school. 

My little pizza chefs. 

This fun Captain America Minion is always a hit. 

Yikes, am I a vigilante superhero like Batman or an assassin?  Don't mess with me!  Haha!  I just get a laugh from some of these facebook quizzes. 

Back to enjoy my days with just these two.  I made myself some Pad Thai for lunch. 

When big brothers get home, they build a blanket fort to hide under. 

Storms and storm clouds were a normal occurrence which is why I suspected the upcoming solar eclipse would be a bust in our area. 

This little bubblegum machine with a golf game is the only "game" at our local Zaxby's, but it does not deter these boys even when they don't have quarters for it.  They really miss our old town's Zaxby's that did a fun kids' night every Wednesday night with games, face painting and balloon animals. 

Cartoon watching and playtime. 

A little lunch date with my little cuties. 

Mattox wanted to hold Grayson in the high chair at Chick-fil-a.  He did not stay like this. 

And Daddy gave Grayson some milkshake.  Sigh.  

The big boys enjoyed some playtime in the playplace.  I tell Evan all the time he is too big for the playplace.  He is right at the maximum height for it, but he says he goes in to help his little brother.  

He usually starts a game of hide and seek.  Mattox was hiding with Brody. 

Mattox enjoys watching the fish in the little koi pond at our local Japanese restaurant.  We sometimes visit for lunch on Sunday. 

Grayson was loving the ball pit while big brothers build forts with blocks. 

There is just something about this kid.  I just adore him.  I do recall that I have really loved all of my boys at this age though.  They are still so cuddly and cute. 

And this sweet face always melts my heart. 

Brody was taking pictures on my phone at Zaxby's, and I don't actually remember where I was taking Mattox when I took the picture in the car.  

We did take the boys to get ice cream at our local ice cream shop.  Brody loved sitting on the stools at the counter. 

The ice cream shop has a little play area with big blocks, and the boys met some friends from church, school, and sports.  Max and Carter go to our church, and Carter is in Brody's class at school.  Shawn played baseball with us in the Spring and is in our Cub Scout troop.  Their moms are friends and work together at a local photography studio. 

Big brother Evan was at his first Cub Scout camping trip of the year so Brody wanted to camp out in my room in his little dinosaur tent.  Yes, he is in his underwear. Mattox joined him for a little bit. 

We spent our hot Saturday at the firehouse seeing the firemen and firetrucks. 

Brody was "taking notes" and Mattox was so curious about the firemen in his safety equipment. 

Mattox loved seeing the big red fire truck. 

Fire trucks and firefighters are awesome. 

Climbing inside the firetruck was fun but hot.  Mattox enjoyed the big fan to get cooled off. 

Oh this sweet boy!  I do think he was using this little pointer as his very own "sonic screwdriver" and has been watching a lot of Doctor Who with mommy. 

Our church took our picture when we joined the church. 

Mattox and Brody were enjoying some lollipops, and Mattox was trying on some sunglasses.  Yes, he prefers to wear them upsidedown. 

Grayson was working on his army crawl and almost full crawling, and Mattox had a new fascination with bandaids and kept bringing them to me to put on.  I think he thought they were stickers.  Ha! 

More sweet brother cuddles as they enjoyed falling asleep together.   These are definitely the memories I want to treasure forever. 

Our living room got a little love when I found some new pillows I liked on sale and finally got a big clock for that empty wall above the television.  It just needed something.  I still want to paint in here but just don't know what color.  

I can never take too many pictures of my sweet babies.  They are growing up too fast.  

Big brother had football practice, and since it was a pretty nice evening, we took a walk around the pond. 

Just trying to get a decent picture together.  Notice how I had to get Mattox in a headlock to make him join us. 

Of course, they get as close to the water as they can. 

Big brothers started riding the bus, and we met them down the street at the bus stop.  

And this cute face is a great end to another month.  He had actually just learned to clap here which I did capture on video. 

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