Monday, August 7, 2017

Jocund July {2017}

Yes, I am really reaching for J adjectives now.  Haha!  It was a pretty cheerful July mostly relaxing and playing at home with the kids.  Yes, being at home with four kids all day can have its share of rough moments, but I wouldn't trade these days for anything in the world.  This is the good life! 

The boys and I started the month with a rainy day picnic in the living room and a fun board game.  

We took the boys to see Despicable Me 3.  My little minions love these movies. 

Evan was really excited about another Transformers movie. He has loved Bumblebee since he was Mattox's age. 

Oh the sweet joys of this happy baby! 

Going to Mellow Mushroom for kids' night happens at least once a month. 

The boys love making their own pizza.  I took a car selfie to show my red, white and blue attire for the 4th of July. 

He has a new love interest...the little penguin on his exersaucer.  Ha! 

We tried to play outside a little, but it was either way too hot, raining, or the bugs would eat you alive.  

Mattox trying out his little trampoline.  

Um, no he isn't potty training although he does occasionally sit on it.  Notice he is fully clothed.  

I swear these two are twins 8 years apart.  They look so much alike here. 

Oh these little boys melt my heart!  And yes, Brody loves making silly faces. 

A few "normal" pictures.  Haha!

And Brody trying to be a camera hog and take over the picture. 

We tried to have a picnic at a waterfront park, but it was dreadfully hot.  We ate under the shelter in the shade, but it was too hot for the kids to really play. 

Brody and Mattox did attempt to enjoy the playground equipment, but it was so hot it would have burned them. 

We took a little walk to the pier to see the water.  This is the Ogeechee River that separates Savannah from our town.  The park is right beside the Hwy. 17 bridge and across the road from Love's Seafood Restaurant where they filmed parts of Forrest Gump. 

Just a nice lazy evening at home. 

You know I had to get pictures of these boys in these matching outfits.  Both of these were actually Mattox's.  I had bought him the smaller one, and he outgrew it so fast, I ended up getting him one in a larger size.  

They are so happy together. 
Mattox enjoys playing with his brother...or his brother's toys at least. 

Sitting up and reading a book already.  Definitely a genius.  Haha! 

I can't remember what meat that was (pork or chicken), but I did make twice baked potatoes for dinner one night.  Brody and Mattox were watching an oldie but goodie...Heathcliff.  Ha! 

I just love these babies.  

Tummy time and exercising. 

Sonic half price shakes are a necessity in the summer.  Cherry cream slushes for the win! 

We finally became full Georgia residents changing our licenses and license plate.  Of course, we were not aware of the ad valorem tax here...yikes to having to pay almost a thousand dollars up front.  Sigh. The boys wanted a picture with the giant chili pepper at Chili's, and I do love some plaid shorts on little boys. 

Daddy and Brody made us a yummy pancake breakfast. 

Sweet sleeping baby. 

Evan and Brody were playing a card game...probably something they invented.  

Sorry (not really) for so many pictures of this cutie, but they are only little for a short time.  I just adore those precious smiles. 

And one for the memory books...our first case of hand foot and mouth.  Sigh.  Mattox was battling getting sick with colds and fevers for the last several months everytime he would go to church nursery.  It is really the only time he gets to be with other kids so I assume his immune system just wasn't very strong yet.  Then, he got this lovely mess.  It started on his chin so we thought at first it was just irritated from drooling.  Then, it spread to his back, legs, and finally a few blisters on his hands and feet.  He never acted like it was too painful.  We kept him covered with antibacterial creams and managed to keep the other boys from getting it.  We stayed in for a week until it was all cleared up.  

Lots of cuddling time, and the boys enjoying a yummy ice cream treat. 

A little walk in the neighborhood.  Mattox is actually wearing his pajamas.  Haha!  And for some reason, my husband keeps letting Brody ride his bike without his helmet.  Sigh. 

Playing in the ball pit is so fun! 

Krispy Kreme doughnuts for the win, and Evan loved his new pajamas just in time for shark week. 

The boys and I picked up some new books, and Brody likes to create art on anything he can find.  I am not sure what this creation was...maybe a time machine? 

I love when Daddy gets on the floor to play. 

Could you resist playing with that sweet boy?  I doubt it. 

We had many afternoon rain showers all summer. 

Grayson had his own shark week adventures in the tub. 

Evan and his church group on Sundays.  These are fourth and fifth graders so their group is called Group 45. 

The boys had fun all summer at church  on Wednesday nights.  This was kiddie pool kickball.  Yep, they were soaked! 

Instead of a traditional VBS, our church does its own summer program.  The boys loved it.  Brody particularly enjoyed painting. 

He is a hard working artist. 

The big boys enjoyed goofing off at music time. 

Brody loves singing and dancing. 

Evan made a beautiful painting of the cross and a sunset. 

The fun events culminated with the kids leading worship service on Sunday. 

Playing legos with big brother Evan. 

Eating lunch at one of our favorite local restaurants that is on the water.  It is called Fish Tales.  It actually wasn't too hot this day to eat outside. 

The boys love being close to the water. 

Evan has developed an appreciation for low country boil.  He will even peel his own shrimp now.  Yay! 

But Grayson just prefers to eat his foot. 

Little shark lover getting "attacked" by his stuffed shark. 

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