Saturday, August 5, 2017

Fun at the Mall

Back in Raleigh, we loved our favorite Pullen Park and the fun little train and carousel that were only a dollar to ride.  I know that nothing can ever really beat that place, but the boys really missed riding the train and carousel.  The only comparable ones here in this area are at the mall in Savannah so for one of our last summer outings before back to school, we spent a Friday at the mall eating lunch, riding the rides, and doing a little back to school shopping as well.  It was a fun day for all.

We enjoyed our favorite meals at Chick-fil-a.  

The cute but overpriced train and carousel.  The carousel did have a cute little teacup to ride in so I sat in it with the younger boys. 

The boys just enjoy playing with the little cars even if I don't put money in them.  

Mattox loved making us spin. 

I love that my almost teenager still loves riding the carousel.  If I could just keep him little.  Sigh. 

Mommy and her littlest baby.  Can't I just keep at least this one small? 

My big boys riding the train.  Evan rode with Mattox on the caboose while Brody insisted on riding solo. 

Trying for a picture in front of the train can be complicated when a toddler just wants to get back on. 

But he was quickly distracted by these cool rides.  I let him and Brody enjoy this one that had a little screen show to watch. 

Boys can be content with the smallest gestures. 

I love that little bus driver.  He gave big brothers a ride. 

Future race car drivers maybe?  Brody and Mattox definitely share a love of cars. 

We also enjoyed the little soft play area where Mattox and Grayson could play. 

Mattox just adores his baby brothers. 

Evan is a very attentive big brother and loves playing with his babies. 

Evan led Mattox through the rainbow tunnel.  How much longer do I have before Evan will no longer enjoy hanging out with his little brothers?  

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