Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Back to School 2017

The boys started back to school in early August after getting a reasonably long summer break from the end of May.  They enjoyed being back on a traditional school calendar although I think they will miss their longer breaks throughout the school year.  This school system does give decent holiday breaks with a little Fall break in October and a whole week off for Thanksgiving so I don't think we will mind too much.  The boys started their last year of ever being in school together.  Sigh.  Yes, that does make me a little sad.  Evan will move up to middle school next year, and because they are four years apart, they will not be in the same school again through middle and high school.  They started riding the bus this year because the morning school traffic was making Daddy late everyday and because it is easier not to have to get the little ones out in the afternoons to pick them up.  I am glad they get to ride the bus together this year, and I don't know how I will feel about letting them ride separately next year.  The boys were excited to start another year of school adventures. 

Brody is ready for 1st grade.  I had other shirts picked out for the boys, but we were at Target the day before school started, and they saw these dinosaur shirts they just had to have. 

I don't remember what he was saying here. 

So excited to go back to school. 

But not too excited about the early morning mosquitoes that plague our area. 

Evan is ready for his last year of elementary school.  It seems like just yesterday he was starting kindergarten.  Sniff.  

He is such a cool kid now.  He wanted some converse this year.  You know, style over functionality.  Haha! 

What an "Incredible" start to the school year!  They rolled out the red "carpet" and welcomed the kids back in style.  Yes, that is the principal dressed as Mr. Incredible.  

I always feel a little anxious watching them walk through those big doors. 

Brody gets welcomed back with a big hug from a teacher. 

I made them stop for a quick picture together, and they weren't too thrilled. 

Brody found his seat.  He got to pick whether to sit at a desk with a chair, stand up, or sit on the floor.  They have a flexible classroom. 

Evan did not want me going in with him so I just snapped this shot from the doorway.  Haha!  
Their superlatives for the year:  

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