Thursday, July 6, 2017

Thankful Thursday

I am months behind on posting and just feeling like the task of catching up is daunting and impossible right now.  I saw a friend posted a thankful thursday picture on instagram and decided I could at least tackle a little thankful post and brief update.  I do have plenty to be thankful for.  I may continue this theme in the future as well.  I miss my sweet little posts that just summarized the happy moments of our lives.  Here are some of the things we are thankful for right now:

1.  Our family!  

2.  Brothers who are quickly becoming best friends. 

Mattox and Grayson wearing the matching Janie and Jack shirts that big brothers Evan and Brody wore circa 2011. 

3.  Babies that love their daddy!

4.  A wonderful daddy to celebrate! 

5.  Brothers who play together and lots and lots of beach time! 

6.  Full arms and hearts!  I know that these days are numbered and am just trying to enjoy every minute. 

7.  Little boys who are looking like little men these days.  Sigh. 

8.  Celebrating 14 years of marriage (and pictures taken by 6 year olds). 

9.  Boys who love their dog and dogs who love their boys. 

10.  Little boys who are sleeping in big boy beds all night long! 

11. Little boys who love creating art.  

12.  Free sweet tea at McAllister's Deli!

The only picture I got of all three of them together.  Evan's face is hilarious! 

13.  Family movie dates and all the kids behaving for the whole movie.  (and another Despicable Me movie)

14.  Rainy summer days and family board games.

We have had a very hot, humid and rainy June.  The boys and I broke out the Fantasyopoly game for some indoor fun. 

15.  Brothers who play tic tac toe together. 

16.  Kids' night at Mellow Mushroom and kids getting to make their own pizza. 

17.  A church that puts on a fun fireworks show for the fourth of July.  

Mattox was very into the fireworks this year.  He could not sit still. 

18.  Big brothers who watch fireworks with little brothers. 

Evan and Mattox

So what are you thankful for?


  1. Oh girl, you know I am all about that sweet tea! And free?!?!
    I love the picture of you and Eddie! :)
    Hope you all have a great weekend.
    Oh, and I'm thankful for my blog friends like you!

  2. What a lovely post. I like catching up on the "little things" going on with you. And really, the "little things" are actually the "main things," aren't they?

    Also, Evan looks so grown up in #7. Whoa.


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