Friday, July 28, 2017

Sullivan's Island & Fort Moultrie, SC

For one last summer weekend, we took the boys to visit Sullivan's Island, SC which is the island off the coast of Charleston.  First, we wanted to take Evan to Fort Moultrie because he loves any and all military forts and history.  We didn't want to take the ferry over to Fort Sumter this trip since we wanted to spend some time at the beach too.  Fort Moultrie and Fort Sumter sit just across a narrow inlet from one another and are the sites of the beginning of the Civil War when Confederate troops at Fort Moultrie fired on Fort Sumter and took that Fort just 34 hours later.  Fort Moultrie had been an important fort guarding the Charleston Harbor since 1776 so there is a lot of history there.  It is a real brick and mortar fort so Evan really liked exploring it.  After we explored the fort, we stopped for some yummy gelato from a "famous" spot on the island called Beardcat's Sweet Shop before heading up to the beaches at Isle of Palms which we had heard were great beaches.  Of course, what we found was a very overcrowded beach and less than stellar facilities so probably not the best beach for a day trip.  We should have just enjoyed the beaches at the southern end of the island.  Still, it was a good day for everyone.

Crossing the big Hwy. 17 Cooper River Bridge from Charleston to Mount Pleasant.  Evan definitely wants to visit the USS Yorktown soon.  Apparently, the fifth grade at his school does a really big (albeit expensive) field trip to Charleston so he may wait until then.  

We stopped for lunch at a yummy barbecue restaurant.  My sandwich looked a bit messy, but it was good.  It was smothered in their homemade pimento cheese which sounded crazy but was worth a try.  I ate a lot of it with a fork because it was so messy. 
Sweet Mattox shows us the way to the fort. 

There was an interesting story about the flag that was flying from the Civil War time period.  

The boys and I enjoyed the little museum in the Visitor's Center. 

But Evan couldn't wait to get out and see the big guns.  Ha!  Fort Moultrie was an active fort until World War II. 

We were checking out some of the hidden rooms inside and underneath the fort.  The sun was so bright, and I had left poor Grayson's hat in the car.  Sigh. 

I just love those boys. 

It was a pretty hot day so we didn't hang out too long up on top in the full sun. The boys mostly enjoyed exploring inside the walls. 

I wanted a picture with Brody to signify the last time he was here inside my tummy.  He is quite a bit bigger now.  I wish we would have gone out on the beach there to take a similar picture.  Oh well. 

We stopped very quickly to see the Charleston Lighthouse which is a newer construction lighthouse made of metal.  

A picture of the boys in front of the lighthouse.  I zoomed in just to see their faces.  It was so bright. 

Beardcat's was a refreshing treat with some yummy and interesting flavors.  Olive oil and sea salt?  I decided to try their chocolate and hazelnut mixed together to see if it tasted a little like Pinkberry.  It was good.  I got Eddie Biscotti Almond Crunch which I think he liked. 

Mattox was just happy to be on the beach filling his bucket again while big brothers cooled off in the water. 

The boys played together in the sand for a while. 

A frustrated Mattox calmed down after a drink of water.  I just know this baby is going to be so sassy when he starts talking.  

Sweet Grayson is just so easy going and does not mind the sand on his toes. 

I love sandy little feet enjoying the beach. 

And sweet babies enjoying the water. 

Playing with Daddy. 

I didn't really capture how crowded this beach was, but you could barely move around on the sand.  Ugh.  I hate crowded beaches.  

I just love his happy faces! 

For some reason, Mattox was making spit bubbles here.  Boys.  Ha! 

Ugh to me in a bathing suit these days, but we love spending fun summer days with our babies. 

And we enjoyed a gorgeous sunset over the marsh on the drive home. 

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