Friday, July 21, 2017

Our 4th of July {2017}

The 4th of July was a simple affair this year.  After we returned home from the beach on Saturday, we made it home just in time to watch our town's fireworks.  The actual 4th was on Tuesday so we purchased a few fireworks to shoot off at our house that night after dinner.  Our neighbors shot some good ones off too.  We also played with sparklers.  On Wednesday night, our church put on a fun 4th of July celebration with food and fireworks.  The kids love our church and were kept busy all summer with something fun every week.

Our family red, white and blue pictures. 

I just had to get Mattox and Grayson's pictures in the matching Janie & Jack shirts we have used since Evan and Brody in 2012. 

I just love this kid! 
We didn't go to the park where the actual town celebration was since we were late.  We do think we had a great view though. 

Our own fireworks display. 

I think it is hard to take pictures of your own fireworks because you are too close to them.  I did get some decent shots of our neighbor's. I just think that picture of Mattox in his car with the flag should be in a photo competition.  It is so quintessential American child, right? 

Some of ours and our neighbor's fireworks. 

Daddy had great helpers.  Evan and Grayson were so hot. 

We tried to make sparkler art, but it was too hot to stay out long. 

I wanted to do our names again.  I got Evan's and Brody's easily. 

Mattie's , Mattox's and Grayson's were more difficult because they are longer, the camera didn't want to cooperate, and we were tired.  But I will call it a success. 

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