Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Jumbled June {2017}

This post is such a hodge podge of random pictures taken throughout the month of June.  Seriously, about the only thing that ties it together is that it all occurred in the same month.  June was just a random Summer month in which we spent most of our days at home just living the ordinary life of a family of six.  It might actually seem like ordinary life on some pretty crazy drugs.  Ha!

Brody enjoyed watching Alice in Wonderland (the Disney cartoon version and not the freaky Tim Burton one).  He also still loves his teddy bear. 

We tried to enjoy a little time outdoors when the bugs didn't eat us alive.  I use the little trampoline as a spot to lay Grayson down while I push Mattox on the swing. 

I am glad he is finally getting some use out of this toddler swing because we had not been able to put it up at our old house. 

Brody's creativity never ceases to amaze and entertain me.  I love that he made this monster face on a box all by himself and was walking around pretending to be a monster.  No, it didn't have holes for the eyes so he was lucky he didn't fall and get hurt.  Ha! 

Before I could decide whether to cut my hair again, I experimented with some different hairstyles.  I just can't seem to handle my hair much longer than this. 

My littlest men and I wore our green to church. 

Brody showing off his pouting face. 

Yep, he has a long history of using this face. 

Big boy Mattox loves his new bed!

Just random shots of my boys hanging out, napping and playing together. 

The boys and I started some paint by number art projects to fill our summer days.  Brody and I finished his labrador, but Evan and I still need to finish.  Evan is attempting Starry Night, and I am painting the lighthouse.  

We finished up our Wednesday night Bible study on Revelations which was very interesting, and I got confirmation that I am 100% from NC.  Well, duh!  Was there ever any doubt? 

Dr. Brody writes on his charts after examining his patient. 

Fun at the doctor's office for baby Grayson's check up. 

Mommy snuggles with her two littlest babies. 

Daddy was steam mopping the floor, and Mattox wanted to help.  He thought big brother's light sabre made a great steam mop.  

Avocados and eggs?  Yes, please! 

Brody got himself into a pickle in little brother's police cruiser.  He was stuck and couldn't get out. 

Just enjoying some fresh air while big brother works on his lawn mower. 

I don't have prescription sunglasses anymore so I tried out wearing a large pair of sunglasses over my regular glasses.  It doesn't really work so hot.  I really need to get back to the eye doctor for new glasses.  Mine are several years old.  Sigh. 
We did use the pool at least once this month.  

Brody likes to go underwater.  Both big boys love to splash one another and have fights in the pool. 

Baby Grayson and I enjoyed soaking our toesies while we watched the other boys play. 

Mattox and I enjoyed our float. 

The big boys practiced jumping in the deep end. 

I enjoyed this lovely hydrangea bush while Daddy and Grayson lounged by the pool. 

These boys enjoyed playing lots of video games together, playing with blocks, and sleeping. 

Mommy and her two minis. 

Lunch date with my little men at McAllister's. 

The big boys and Mommy love this astronaut outside a store in Pooler because we think it is River Song from Doctor Who.  It is a little bit hard to explain as everything is involving that show if you don't watch it.  I love any picture with all four of my little boys in it, and they love this comfy outdoor furniture outside of our McAllister's Deli. 

Trying to become artists by taking a painting class at church.  We made so much special art this summer and now I am trying to get it all framed and hung in our long and sad empty hallway. 

Some of the folks from our church that we painted with.  I love how each of our artworks were unique despite the fact we used the same inspiration pieces from the teacher. We did a beach and marsh landscape at our first sessions.  I went by myself to the next sessions to paint a really pretty garden door. 

I updated my front door wreath for the 4th of July and finished touching up my landscape art at home.  Our salt marshes here have very tall grasses and lots of curving inlets of water.  I am still not sure I got my colors right for the salt marsh and think it looks more like a meadow with a winding river through it but oh well.  
Brothers playing together. 

Grayson was really starting to sit up more on his own and loved hanging out with big brothers in the ball pit. 

We visited Forsyth Park in downtown Savannah with the hope of getting to play in the splash pad, but sadly, they turned it off right when we arrived.  We were pretty upset, but the kids enjoyed playing on the playground. 

They had some unique playground equipment like a large merry-go-round with seats, and a large platform with benches that rocked. 

Since the boys couldn't play in the splash pad, they made do with this water fountain.  They especially liked the dog water bowl that sprayed water in their faces. 

Later that night, Daddy joined us to walk around downtown Savannah and eat dinner.  We really hope to do this more often when the weather is a little cooler.  I love the old churches and buildings.  I took a picture of that old abandoned store because I loved the old lanterns hanging on it. 

We decided to eat dinner at the Mellow Mushroom there, and Brody was sitting beside a picture of Van Gogh.  I am not sure who the other crazy haired guy with glasses was.  

These photos of the boys shooting Evan's airsoft BB gun do give me heart palpitations.  Sigh. 

Boys and guns....sigh. 

Just some silly Brody selfies, sleeping babies, and little boys who want to go fishing with Daddy. 

Brody worked on some school work, and Evan wrote a letter to his old friend from NC. 

Evan got to spend a whole week away at church camp.  He was about 3 hours away from us.  We did get to see him through pictures and on the videos of the services every day.  I was so proud of him when he went on stage to put together his memory verse puzzle and was the first boy to beat the girls in competition and was the fastest that I had seen.  

I took Brody with me to the next painting class, and he was so excited.  He loves art so much, and he worked hard to paint his bunny picture.  We painted a garden scene this time, and he added some of the things we did to his.  I still need to finish this painting. 

This little guy wants to sing. 

Crazy boys in the ball pit after a yummy dinner.  I made homemade au gratin potatoes and some parmesan grilled chicken. 

We celebrated Cocoa's 3rd birthday with a little doggy birthday cake for her. 

Daddy really tortured her putting her hat on. 

We celebrated our 14 year anniversary. 

Daddy brought me a bouquet of light pink roses and a sweet card before we went to dinner. 

These boys wanted a "loving" picture too. 

We ate dinner with these sweet boys of ours at a neat restaurant close to us called Love's Seafood.  It has a little claim to fame as being featured in the film Forrest Gump and has a beautiful location on the Ogeechee River between Savannah and Richmond Hill.  

I love this adorable boy. 

Just playing around with the camera phone app. 

There's some nightmares for you.  You're welcome. 

Enjoying some lunch and free sweet tea from McAllister's.  I love Evan's silly face. 

Daddy and his monkey on his back. 

I thought Mattox was so cute playing his game beside big brother Evan. 
 Just for fun, I was playing around with a face recognition app to see what nationalities we were:

Apparently, Evan is Spanish, and Eddie is Brazilian. 

But here we are both American.  Ha!

But I am also Australian and German.  I definitely knew the German part. 

Eddie got Italian in his tuxedo picture so I imagine they thought he looked like he was in the mafia.  He also got Japanese.  Nope, I have no clue to that one. 

Brody was a tried and true American while Mattox and I were French.  Oui Oui!

I just loved this little app that turned some of my pictures into pencil sketches.  I thought they actually looked really pretty and wouldn't mind having these printed out. 


  1. Wow, that is a lot of stuff!
    Happy Anniversary! :)
    Whenever we go to the doctor, the kids make me blow the purple gloves into

    1. I know. My monthly posts are just my dump everything else posts. Haha! All the stuff I empty off my phone. You know? I probably should have broken it up a little this month, but I am so far behind I figured it didn't matter. Yep, the boys love those glove balloons. ;-)


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