Thursday, July 27, 2017

Bowling on Base

For another Saturday outing, we decided to take the boys bowling as it has always been one of their favorite pastimes.  This is a big military region so we knew the bowling facilities on military bases are sometimes cheaper and nicer and decided to try one out.  Eddie has a civilian military ID since he works for the Marine Corps based out of Beautfort, SC.  However, the army base at Fort Stewart is closer so we decided to try going there.  They also have a nice water splash park that we were going to try, but it started storming just as we arrived.  An indoor bowling game was the perfect outing for a rainy day. 

Evan always loves the planes and big equipment on display at military bases.  Here, there was a tank and helicopter. 

Evan started the games to show little brothers how it was done. 

He was still pretty good. 

Mattox got to use this cute dinosaur to help him roll his ball. 

Evan tries to bowl like a pro. I love his little foot kicked up when he throws the ball. 

Big brothers love helping little brother. 

I didn't bowl so great, but I did get a strike!  Mattox was excited because he thought that whole pizza was for him. 

He wanted to do it by himself.   He looked so cute in his bowling shoes. 

Evan tried to pick up the spare. 

Daddy helped Mattox push his ball harder. 

Brody was excited about his spare! 

I loved watching these boys play the second game. 

Daddy didn't bowl nearly as well as he used to in college, but he did break 100 at least. 

I love that the boys watched their brothers play and were so attentive. 

I think Daddy and Mattox scored a Srike! 

Yes, that big brother arm around little brother melts my heart! 

And Evan got a spare.  He liked that his little video was a pirate ship. 

Brody is a great cheerleader for everyone. 

Daddy won, of course, and the other boys were all fairly close. 

Just a fun day at the bowling alley for eveyone. 

I just love my "middle" boys. 

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